Can dogs eat apple?

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¿You wonder if the apple is good for dogs? ¿If it can hurt you? The truth is that it is one of the most recommended fruits for dogs, due to the many benefits it offers and the different uses that we can give it. However, we must take into account some tips when offering this fruit, which we will mention in the post.

Keep reading this AnimalWised article and find out if dogs can eat apple, the benefits it brings and the recommended dose. ¡Do not miss it!

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  1. Can you give an apple to a dog?
  2. Benefits of apple for dogs
  3. Recommended dose and frequency
  4. Is apple good for dogs with diarrhea?

Can you give an apple to a dog?

The Apple it is a good and recommended fruit for dogs because of the enormous amount of benefits it offers. Even so, it is a food that dogs consume in moderation, due to its sugar content.

We can offer the apple directly raw, as if it were a treat, although it can also be used to include it in different homemade recipes or to make treats for at home, such as delicious apple and carrot dog biscuits..

Yes indeed, the seeds apple are very harmful to dogs, due to their amygdalin content (made up of sugar, hydrocyanic acid and benzaldehyde). This compound was believed to be beneficial for health, but various studies [1] [2] [3] have shown that it is a potentially toxic glycoside.

Benefits of apple for dogs

The apple is one of the most popular fruits, both for humans and dogs, mainly due to the multiple benefits and uses it offers. Next, in AnimalWised, we will explain 10 benefits and uses of apple for dogs:

  1. Helps hydrate your dog, as it is composed mainly of water.
  2. It is a purifying fruit, indicated for overweight dogs or for those who suffer from kidney problems. In this case it is advisable to consult with the veterinarian.
  3. It is rich in vitamin C, carotenoids, vitamin A and folic acid, so you will see a much healthier coat and dermis.
  4. Its antioxidant properties are known, which help prevent and slow down health problems such as cancer or canine brain aging.
  5. It is high in potassium, essential for neuromuscular activity, hydroelectrocyte balance and for the transmission of nerve impulses.
  6. It also contains other minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, essential for the proper functioning of the body.
  7. Unlike other foods, the apple does not usually cause allergies or hypersensitivity, so it is indicated for dogs suffering from this type of health problems.
  8. You can substitute the dental snacks for apple, as they strengthen and clean the teeth, in addition to keeping your dog entertained.
  9. Contains tannins, compounds with anti-inflammatory properties, which act directly on the irritated gastric mucosa.
  10. Offering this food at night, you help your dog to rest better.

These are some of the apple properties, reasons why we can include this food in your diet or as an occasional supplement to a diet based on feed. Following We will give you some tips so that you know how and how often to offer it to your dog, as well as its use to treat diarrhea or constipation.

Recommended dose and frequency

Although the apple is a good and beneficial fruit for dogs, the truth is that it is a food that we should not abuse. Yes we review the composition of an apple we can see that it is made up mainly of water, minerals and carbohydrates, highlighting: fructose, glucose and sucrose, sugars.

A high sugar consumption can favor the appearance of diabetes in the dog, which would cause it to need insulin injections, a change of diet and even the vet could suggest carrying out sterilization.

Ideally, the apple is a reward or punctual food supplement, which can be offered between two and three times a week. A small apple, with skin but without seeds, is enough for your best friend to enjoy and have a good time.

But don't worry, if your dog seems to be fond of fruits and vegetables, you have other options, such as potato, broccoli, brussels sprouts, zucchini, coconut, or melon. Remember that dogs are not strict carnivores, they can also consume all kinds of beneficial fruits and vegetables.

Is apple good for dogs with diarrhea?

The apple is one of the most used home remedies for diarrhea in dogs. It is an excellent intestinal regulator due to pectin, a type of fiber that it possesses. But the most surprising thing is that it is also a food indicated for constipation, in which case it should be offered raw.

Pectin is present in many fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, beans and even spirulina, a very popular algae today. This type of fiber, present in the skin, is capable of absorb gastric juices, eliminating toxins and harmful cholesterol in turn.

For all these reasons, the apple is indicated in different intestinal problems, such as gastritis, intestinal inflammations or colitis, for example.

¿How to give apple to a dog with diarrhea?

To treat diarrhea, it is best to cook the apple, steamed, boiled or baked, since in this way the dogs will be able to digest and assimilate it more easily.

We also recommend including the skin (as there are vitamins) but removing the seeds, which are toxic. After cooking the apple, we recommend shredding it until obtaining a texture similar to that of compote.

Finally, if your dog does not seem to accept applesauce, you can try mixing it with boiled chicken pieces (without salt or spices) to increase the shelf life and make the food more appetizing..

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