Can dogs eat mango?

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The mango It is considered one of the most delicious fruits by many people. It does not matter if it is eaten in chunks, jelly, jam or if it is drunk in a refreshing juice. The general opinion is that it is a real delicacy. ¿You want to share it with your furry friend? ¡So you need to know if dogs can eat mango!

Some fruits are recommended for dogs, as they provide variety to their diet and many nutritional benefits, so we invite you to find out if mango is one of them.. ¡Keep reading!

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  1. Can dogs eat fruits?
  2. Can dogs eat mango?
  3. Benefits of eating mango for dogs
  4. How to give a dog mango?
  5. My dog ​​has eaten a bone, what do I do?

Can dogs eat fruits?

It is very likely that you consider that dry food is the best food for dogs. The truth is that it offers you all the nutrients you need. Nevertheless, the dog's diet can be diversified if you offer him, occasionally and in a controlled way, a variety of foods that he will love and will provide him with many nutritional benefits.

An example is the fruits and vegetables recommended for dogs. These foods offer vitamins, minerals, fiber and are an excellent option to offer your dog delicious healthy and different snacks.

It is not necessary for a dog to eat large amounts of fruit, with a few pieces a couple of times a week is more than enough, since they are very rich in sugars. A good option is to offer them as a variant of the prizes that we offer on a one-off basis. Then, ¿dogs can eat mango?

Can dogs eat mango?

Yes, ¡dogs can eat mango! This does not mean that you should offer him this fruit on a daily basis, however, you can give it to him without fear when he is curious about it and even include it in his diet as an occasional treat..

However, ¿dogs can eat green mango? In this case we must tell you no, dogs should only eat ripe mango. ¿Why? The green mango is quite acidic, sometimes even bitter, and the pulp is not juicy, but firm and a little hard. Therefore, it is not so pleasant and can give your dog a stomach ache, which can even lead to diarrhea..

Benefits of eating mango for dogs

Now that you know that dogs can eat mango, you need to know what are the benefits that this delicious fruit offers, that is, the nutritional value of mango and how your dog's body can take advantage of it.

These are the properties and benefits of mango for dogs:

  • Provides fiber: fiber is very important to regulate the functioning of the digestive system, so mango will be great for your dog if he suffers from constipation.
  • Contains antioxidants: antioxidants protect your dog from disease.
  • It is rich in vitamin C: this vitamin strengthens the immune system, so your dog will be prepared to deal with various bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Provides folic acid: favors the production of red blood cells.
  • Contains vitamin A: this vitamin is beneficial for bones, vision and the immune system.
  • Provides water: will help keep your but well hydrated, especially in summer.

How to give a dog mango?

Now that you know that dogs can eat mango, you are probably wondering how to offer it to them. Giving a dog a mango is very simple. We will start by remembering that it must be mango must be mature, never green. As with many other fruits, you must remove the shell or skin, as well as the seed. It is best to cut the mango into small pieces and offer some to your dog.

Mango cubes are a good option to vary the treats you offer your dog. On very hot days or on afternoons for a walk, put them in the fridge or in the refrigerator for a few hours and give them to your dog, they will help him cool off. The ideal ratio it is 2 to 3 squares in small breed dogs, up to 4 cubes in medium breeds and between 5 and 6 cubes in large breeds.

Despite all its benefits, mango does contain sugar, so it is not recommended to offer it to your dog frequently. Between 1 and 2 times a week is enough.

¿Dogs can eat mango skin? It is not advisable, as the mango skin is very hard and can cause digestive problems. In addition, ¿dogs can eat mango bone? The answer is also negative, since the mango seed is very large and hard, so the risk of your dog choking or suffocating with it, so you should not allow him to nibble on a mango without your supervision.

My dog ​​has eaten a bone, what do I do?

Some dogs can be especially mischievous, and if you have a mango tree at home, they may swallow one whole, including the bone.. ¿What to do in these cases? It's essential go to the vet immediately, even if the bone has managed to pass through the throat without suffocating your dog, there is a possibility that it will get stuck in the intestine.

If it is not removed, the dog will present problems in the next few days, such as vomiting, diarrhea, poor appetite, and behavior changes. If you suspect that he has ingested one of these mango bones, you should urgently go to the vet.

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