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There are many canine breeds all over the world with different morphologies, temperaments, characteristics, and with different qualities and peculiarities that diversify each breed from one another. If the quality about which we want to inform ourselves is speed, without any doubt we should refer to the different breeds of sighthounds or greyhounds.

The fact that greyhounds are dolichocephalic (narrow, elongated heads), rather than being like the other canine breeds, which are brachycephalic (short, broad heads), has been a primary reason why sighthounds have been geared towards speed. This cranial characteristic gives them stereoscopic vision (high resolution vision) that other dog breeds do not have..

This extraordinary degree of vision also has the wolves. We could conclude that if you have to run a lot after a prey, it will be necessary to see very well where you are going to step in the following strides to reach your goal soon..

Therefore, if you want to meet the fastest dogs in the world, In AnimalWised you will find answers to your curiosity.

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  1. Llebrel English
  2. Spanish greyhound
  3. Saluki, the ancient hound
  4. The Afghan Greyhound

Llebrel English

The english greyhound It is considered the fastest dog in the world in a short race. The English greyhound comes from the Hispanic sighthound, and through crosses it has evolved to become a magnificent and athletic animal. Can reach up to 63 km / h.

At first English greyhounds (like all other breeds of sighthounds) were used for hunting by royalty. Over time, these animals have been incorporated into the detestable world of greyhound racing, which moves huge amounts of money.

Fortunately, it is increasingly common to see sensitive people adopting greyhounds as pets. Greyhounds are loyal, affectionate, gentle and obedient companions. They are magnificent pets without a doubt.

Spanish greyhound

The Spanish greyhound It is a pure breed native to the Iberian Peninsula. It is an ancient breed, which experts say comes from the hunting dogs of the pharaonic courts of ancient Egypt.

He is an exceptionally athletic dog, capable of running at 60 km / h. It is probably the most widespread dog throughout the Spanish geography, since it is used in various hunting and sporting modalities. Unfortunately in rural Spanish populations these poor dogs are abused in an intolerable way.

Fortunately, there are associations that protect animal rights, and it is increasingly common to see that there are families that adopt dogs that have been exploited from their homes.

Saluki, the ancient hound

The saluki It is a dog with a great history. This breed were the dogs that the Egyptian pharaohs used in their hunting days. It's known that since 2000 years before C., there are inscriptions in the pharaonic tombs that speak of this ancient breed of greyhound.

Experts say that the Saluki descends from the wolves of the desert by Ara. Today the Bedouin use the Saluki as a dog to hunt gazelles and also as pets, which they highly appreciate. It is an ancestor of the Spanish greyhound.

The Afghan Greyhound

The Afghan hound It is the canine capable of running faster through the rocks, crevices and obstacles of the rugged Afghan mountains. Apart from its extraordinary eyesight that allows it a clear view of its surroundings, the Afghan greyhound has a physical characteristic that distinguishes it from other dogs: its kneecaps.

The structure of the patella of the Afghan Hound allows the lower part of its strong legs to rotate asymmetrically and individually. In this way, the Afghan greyhound places each of its four legs in the best position on the ground in the race. For this reason, this mighty hound can unhesitatingly hunt down elusive mountain goats in the mighty Afghan mountain ranges. It is a large hunting dog, of which its possession in the radical climate and terrain of Afghanistan is highly valued..

In other parts of the world the Afghan greyhound is considered a "gentleman" dog, when in reality its extraordinary beauty and distinguished manners mask the relentless hunter that it really is..

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