The most beautiful marine fish in the world

Fish are divided into two categories: freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Freshwater fish live in habitats where the salinity of the water is lower, such as rivers and lakes, and saltwater fish enjoy life in the ocean, lagoons, and coral reefs. Small or large fish all have their value and beauty within marine ecosystems.

Many fresh and salt water fish are brought to be inside aquariums, in AnimalWised (whether they are fish that have been bred in captivity), we prefer to see marine life, not through glass, but in its complete state of freedom..

In this article we show you the special selection of AnimalWised from the 8 most beautiful marine fish of the world, of more striking colors and shapes. They adorn and beautify the natural environments of the earth.

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1. Mandarin fish

The Mandarin or also called dragonet is one of the most beautiful fish in the world, it has a kind of feathers like fins and colors so vibrant that appear phosphorescent. It lives in northern Australia and loves to blend in with the surrounding reefs, in a friendly competition for who is better looking. It is a small tropical fish with a shy character, which prefers appear at night when it's time to mate. Mandarin loves to wear blue, although orange, yellow, orange, purple and green patterns are also to their liking.

2. Flame Angel

As its name implies, this fish is all fire. Its vibrant red-orange does not go unnoticed or at a distance, it is like a danger signal that has nothing dangerous. It is a saltwater fish with a flattened body that lives below the surface in the Pacific Ocean and its favorite place to live is in the lagoons and reefs of Hawaii. It is undoubtedly one of the 8 most beautiful marine fish in the world.

3. Parrotfish

The parrotfish is one of the most adorable fish in marine life, thanks to the fact that it has a beak-shaped mouth that looks like lips at the same time. These fish not only adorn the stage where they live, but they are very important for the survival of coral reefs because they are the ones that eat some types of algae and other pests that can destroy these precious ecosystems.

4. Clown fish

The clown fish is so special, colorful and beautiful that it was the inspiration for one of the most important characters in today's animated cinema. The nemo character and his father in the movie Finding Nemo. The clownfish has a unique biology, its sex can change between male and female. They form family colonies where the male is the one who protects the young ... just like in the enchanting movie. ¡Discover more animal movies for kids on AnimalWised!

5. Narizona butterflyfish

It is one of the saltwater fish More popular in the marine aquarium. Unlike some mentioned specimens, the long-nosed butterflyfish or long-nosed butterflyfish it is not a threatened species. It lives in coral reefs and normally travel in pairs, except for the youngest, who travel in groups..

6. Surgeonfish

At AnimalWised we love the names they give to animals, especially fish. The painter's palette fish has exactly that shape, only it is already painted with spectacular colors blue, black and yellow. As well as the clown fish, this other fish was selected among many within the casting of the film "Finding Nemo " and took one of the main characters, the characterization of the adorable and much loved little fish of short memory Dory. Remember that surgeonfish is seriously threatened.

7. Banggai

This fish is as elegant as it is magnificent. Not only physically, but also in behavior, this species of fish has that regal and elegant Asian royal bearing that the ancient legends. It is native to the Banggai Islands of Indonesia, which is why it is named after him. Sadly in its wildest state, it is en danger of extinction due to excessive fishing to import them to different aquariums around the world and the fatal trawling. As in other species of fish, such as the clownfish, the female is the one who lays the eggs, but the male protects them and even breeds..

8. Blue-faced Angelfish

¡What a wonderful name! and what a marvel of a creature with that peculiar natural mask and such a spectacular face. The peculiarity of the "blue face " is that its face is brighter than its body, although all of it is very pretty. These fish swim throughout the Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Micronesia, Australia, and northern Japan. They love privacy and that's why they spend a lot of time in caves.

In nature, this fish has a wide range; It is found throughout the Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Australia, Micronesia, and as far north as Japan. In the wild, these fish often live in caves and lagoons.

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