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Boredom is said to be the mother of all undesirable behavior, at least in dogs. A bored dog will sooner or later begin to exhibit behaviors that will alter, and not for the better, his life and that of his human companions.

It is clear that in general people have their obligations and, although they love their dog, they cannot be entertaining themselves with him all day or much of it. In rural areas the dog, even if his guardian is not present, has his daily activity, such as traveling and warning strangers within what he considers his territory or trying to catch a bird that is out there, but in the city, the story is other. Doing nothing for a dog in that situation usually means literally doing nothing. To help with this problem, at AnimalWised we have prepared this article about the best toys for dogs.

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  1. Chew toys for large dogs
  2. Intelligence toys for dogs
  3. Toys for puppies, small dogs or the elderly

Chew toys for large dogs

These types of toys are usually intended for large dogs and are the best known and oldest, but that does not mean they have lost effectiveness and usefulness. They are basically nibbles where the dog entertains itself by biting them. Although the dog is entertained with these types of toys, it does not use its brain much, since it generates more of a mechanical act in the dog and does not stimulate it much mentally. Some of the best chew toys are:

  • Teethers: in the market you will find many types of chewing toys whose objective is that the dog has fun biting it, but without the possibility of breaking it and eating any of its parts, due to the strong material with which they are made.
  • Rubber balls: these types of balls are suitable for large and strong dogs, as they are very resistant and keep your dog entertained for hours without fear of breaking it. In addition, these balls usually have grooves for dogs to clean their teeth when biting..
  • Wind-up toy: another type of very popular dog toys. It consists of a thick and resistant rope designed to play tug of war, although there are dogs that amuse themselves with this toy.

Such a toy for a large dog must be made of fairly hard rubber so that it cannot be torn to pieces by the dog, with the consequent danger of it swallowing the small pieces detached from the toy, being then essential that they be sturdy toys. They come in different shapes and sizes, and one should be chosen that is consistent not only with the size of the dog, but also with the strength of your bite.

In the video that will appear below, we will teach you how to make a homemade wind-up toy for your dog. ¡You will love it!

Intelligence toys for dogs

Mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation. For this reason, these types of toys are intended for the dog to think or generate a strategy to get your prize, usually food. Some of the best intelligence toys for dogs are:

  • Kong: one of the best known is the Kong toy, which allows solid food to be placed inside it, but some pasty food can also be spread inside and then the dog spends his time trying to remove everything with his tongue. In addition, the Kong is made of a resistant material, so the dog in all probability will not be able to destroy it..
  • Olfactory carpet: in the market they also sell rugs for dogs in which you can hide different snacks inside. In this way, the dog will be entertained by searching for the hidden treats, which helps to develop its sense of smell and stimulates its intelligence..
  • Interactive toys: these types of toys are similar to olfactory mats, although their main difference lies in the material, because in this case, instead of being a carpet, it can be, for example, a smart dish that hides prizes inside, and the dog has to figure out how to get them outside.

As we said, the Kong is one of the most popular toys for dogs. However, it is not necessary to spend a large sum of money on these products, since you can create one at home, as we explain in the following video.

On the other hand, it is also important to know these other Toys not recommended for dogs.

Toys for puppies, small dogs or the elderly

Puppies and small or elderly dogs deserve a special mention, since, due to their size or age, they do not have the same physical or mental conditions as medium or large adult dogs. Therefore, toys for puppies, small dogs or the elderly should be:

Suitable for their size and age

The material of the toys is very important, as teeth Puppies, small dogs or the elderly will not have the same strength as large dogs. What's more, they can be more fragile. In many toys that you will find in the market they indicate for what type of dogs they are indicated, as well as their age range.

Quality materials

Regardless of the type of dog toy we choose, it is important to make sure that it is made with quality materials and, above all, non-toxic for pets. In this way, we will avoid possible health problems, which could be fatal in elderly dogs due to their already delicate health conditions..

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