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Parakeets are sociable and playful animals, which need physical activity every day, in addition to entertaining themselves by playing with other parakeets or with toys to stay mentally stimulated and not get bored. Otherwise, they would find themselves sad and bored, leading to the development of serious health and behavioral problems, such as stereotypes..

In order to prevent this from happening, many pet stores have a wide variety of toys and accessories for birds. It is for this reason that in this AnimalWised article we want to introduce you the best toys for parakeets, so that you can provide the care that your little friend with wings deserves.

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  1. Accessories for parakeets
  2. Parakeet gym
  3. Pool for parakeets
  4. Homemade toys for parakeets
  5. Why are parakeet toys important??

Accessories for parakeets

Many of the toys that you can buy for your parakeet are accessories that you can place in his cage. There is a wide range of possibilities, among which we highlight:

  • Hanging toys: There are many kinds of toys of this style, which are hung on the ceiling of the cage and usually have multiple shapes, such as a swing, a branch or a rope. These kinds of toys are recommended because they simulate the effect of being on top of a branch, in addition to making your parakeet strengthen its sense of andbalance and musculature.
  • Climbing toys: If you have a parakeet, surely you have noticed how easy it is to climb the bars of the cage, and that is, most birds used to living in lush forests not only have the ability to fly, but also to climb to move among the dense vegetation. By performing this exercise with its beak and legs, you not only work its muscles, but it also wears out and strengthens its nails and beak. Therefore, it is recommended that you introduce elements such as stairs, branches or perches in the cage of your parakeet where you can carry out this activity when moving..
  • Chew toys: To keep their beaks well trimmed and strong, parakeets need to bite and sting, it is for this reason that if they have no option to do so, they will bite their wooden hut or the bars of their cage. To avoid this, it is advisable that you provide your parakeet with toys designed so that it can chew until it is comfortable. Many of these toys are made of natural and harmless materials for your parakeet, such as wood, paper or mineral stones that serve to supplement their diet.

Before continuing with the list of the best toys for parakeets, it should be noted that all these accessories do not have to be in the cage, you can enable a complete room or even place them throughout the home if your bird has access to all corners.

Parakeet gym

Lack of exercise can lead to serious long-term health problems, such as developing a weak muscles, brittle bones and clearly suffer obesity, cause for concern because it can unfortunately end in the death of the animal. It is for this reason that pet stores offer gyms or activity parks for birds, very complete toys through which your parakeet can exercise and perform different activities, such as playing with ropes, bells…, and spend great moments of entertainment.

You can also make a home gym by placing several elements in the same space.

Pool for parakeets

¿Surprised that parakeet pools exist? To these birds they love refresh and wash with water. Parakeets are clean animals that groom each other in the wild and in homes where more than one live, but they also love cleaning themselves with water when it rains or when they have access to puddles. Therefore, acquiring a bathtub for birds It is a good idea if you want to give your parakeet the pleasure of grooming himself comfortably whenever he wants inside his cage or outside of it.

Homemade toys for parakeets

You may have considered buying cheap parakeet toys, since your little one destroys them easily or simply because you are looking for a cheaper option. Although most of the toys that you have seen in this article are not especially expensive, you also have the option of building some of the toys for parakeets at home using recycled materials. Here are some ideas:

Hanging rope

This is probably the simplest toy you can make for your parakeet. To do this, you will have to take a cloth that you no longer use or clothes in poor condition that you can cut out. Later, follow these steps:

  1. Cut strips of different sizes and thicknesses.
  2. Tie several knots throughout the fabric.
  3. Tie one end to the top of his cage.

In this way, your parakeet will have an accessory that it can climb and climb. We also recommend adding several ropes in the same cage or room so that you can move between them..

Balls and spirals of paper and cardboard

Recycled paper and cardboard, for example from toilet rolls, can be excellent teethers being composed of plant material, as long as you make sure they do not contain toxic chemicals for these animals, such as ink (for example, do not use newspaper).

The best homemade toy for parakeets that you can make with recycled paper due to its fragile consistency is one or several balls, and for this simply you will have to wrinkle it and obtain different sizes depending on the role.

Finally, thanks to the fact that the cardboard is more consistent, you will be able to obtain many more shapes that will arouse the curiosity of your parakeet. For example, you can take a cardboard tube and cut it into a spiral shape that you can hang in a corner. The possibilities are limitless.

Hanging tube

To make this toy you will again need a tube of toilet or kitchen paper, as well as a string, which can be a shoelace or a long piece of cloth. Then follow these steps:

  1. Pass the rope through the tube. It must be a long enough rope.
  2. Hang the ends of the rope from the ceiling of the cage, so that your parakeet will perch on top of it like a swing..

This accessory, in addition to serving as a hanging toy through which will exercise because you must keep your balance, too offer you the possibility to chew it.

Bird bath

The bird baths that you can get in stores have the possibility of hanging on the bars and, in some cases, they have a lid to prevent the animal from splashing. Now, if you want your parakeet to cool off and you don't see a problem with your bird wetting the outside of the cage or the room in which it is, you always have the option of placing a container with water, for example a plate or a "Tapper ", with which to bathe and wash at ease.

Why are parakeet toys important??

As a guardian, clearly knowing the needs of your parakeet is key in order to ensure its well-being as it should. Now, when we think of animals that need to play, we often think of dogs or cats, as they are the companion animals with which we are most familiar. However, if you put yourself in the skin of your parakeet, or any other bird for which you may be responsible, you will realize how boring and frustrating It can become the life of your little one, being locked up all day, with nothing to do and, with a bit of luck, with the company of another parakeet in the same situation.

As you may have deduced, birds, as well as many other animals, were not born to be decorative objects or so that we can enjoy their sweet song.. They need to move, interact with others and face new challenges, as in the wild they spend the day socializing with each other, flying up and down, foraging for food, etc. Otherwise, your little one will suffer health and behavior problems As a result of their stress and discomfort, which are not usually evident at first, but progress insidiously. Examples of this are excessive vocalizations, biting the bars of their cage and even plucking their feathers..

It is for this reason that there are toys for birds, designed with the purpose of providing new stimuli that keep your parakeet active in their day to day. In addition, it is important that you keep in mind that these animals need the company and attention of others, either yours or other parakeets, due to their gregarious nature, as well as flying, so it is not suitable to have them confined in a cage The 24 hours of the day.

Now that you know the best toys for parakeets and how important it is for these animals to exercise, do not hesitate to place various accessories around your home and spend fun times with your bird. On the other hand, we recommend that you consult this article: "Fruits and vegetables for parakeets ".

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