The best toys for ferrets

If you live with a ferret, it will be no secret for you that these furry They love to play. It is for this reason that, among the various accessories for ferrets, toys stand out especially, since they provide all kinds of games for your ferret with which to spend quality time. But, ¿what do we mean by quality times? By this we mean that ferrets need to exercise and receive cognitive stimulation to be healthy and happy. Otherwise, your ferret will not have its well-being covered, since it will feel bored, frustrated and most likely develop a behavior problem as a result of this state of mind.

Ferrets are the most cheerful and fun animals, which, without a doubt, were not born to be still, but quite the opposite. They love to jump from one side to the other, which is why ensuring all kinds of games for your ferret is the best way to ensure that they are healthy and happy. As you will see in this AnimalWised article, the way to achieve this is by choosing the best toys for ferrets, with which your animal will be entertained and perform the exercise it needs.

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  1. Ferret tubes and shelters
  2. Chase toys for ferrets
  3. Digging toys for ferrets
  4. Prize toys for ferrets
  5. How to make homemade ferret toys?
  6. How to choose the best toy for a ferret?

Ferret tubes and shelters

Ferrets are animals that they live in holes under the ground. It is for this reason that they love tunnels, whether it is to hide in them, keep their treasures or run through them.

Generally, tunnels for ferrets are similar to those for cats or rabbits, but there is also a great variety of tunnels designed specifically for ferrets, which are characterized by being shelters in which tunnels are connected. They are one of the favorite toys of these animals because they can hide and even sleep inside.

Finally, you may have also seen boxes and play blankets for ferrets, which have holes to access their interior and fulfill the same function of making a nest.

Chase toys for ferrets

Ferrets are animals that love chase moving objects due to his hunting instinct. For this reason, providing toys that make him run up and down, as well as jumping to capture his "prey " is a success.

Within this group of toys for ferrets we find stuffed animals, toy mice and balls, which you can throw at them so they can go find them and hide them in their shelter. In addition, there are also rods (they can be for cats, since they are identical), with which you can spend great moments playing with your ferret.

This kind of toys they usually emit sounds that will encourage your ferret to play, as well as lights and all kinds of elements that will make him love it, such as feathers.

Digging toys for ferrets

Few things ferrets love as much as digging. It is because of this that giving your little one a toy with which he can perform this behavior is always a good idea. Although it is not always usual, you can buy in stores boxes that you can fill with shavings, paper, dirt… There are even playgrounds for ferrets, filled with balls similar to ball pools for children..

The purpose of offering this kind of toy to your ferret is to I sniffed inside and make a shelter with its legs. In the same way, you can spread ferret sweets inside so that it entertains looking for them and stimulates its smell.

Prize toys for ferrets

Other of the best toys for ferrets are these, since there are many benefits they offer. Thus, you have the option of acquiring refillable toys, that is, objects that can hold prizes inside, such as candy for ferrets or food that you like and are suitable for these animals. Check forbidden foods for ferrets.

This kind of toy is usually appreciated by caregivers, as it offers ferrets great moments of fun, where they will have to interact with the toy to find a way to get the prize. In this way, also they will mentally stimulate and will promote their senses, such as smell, as well as being resistant enough so that they can gnaw them.

How to make homemade toys for ferrets?

In case you want to try offering your ferret homemade toys, here are some ideas for handmade ferret toys that you can try:

Ferret tunnel

As you have seen, ferrets love tunnels. For this simple toy you will not need to complicate much, because with a medium cardboard box (like a cereal box, for example), you can make a tunnel with which your furry friend will have a great time.

To do this, you must open the box at both ends and flatten it carefully, trying to form two folds on the wide sides in order to give it a cylinder shape. Also, if you want to make the tunnel bigger, you can join several boxes using tape to make it longer..

Digging box

Digging is a very common behavior in ferrets. Therefore, you can try to make a burrow in which it can dig. For it, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a large box and close it at the base with tape.
  2. Punch a hole in the side, large enough for your ferret to come in to explore.
  3. Fill it with shavings or paper.

In this way, you will have at your disposal a box that you can open to fill with chips or paper (for example), in addition to scattering prizes inside stimulate their curiosity and smell. We also advise you to close it at the top to give your ferret a feeling of refuge..

Finally, if you dare and are handy enough, you can try to join the box with the tunnel that you have seen previously with zeal, even adding more entrances and exits to the box..

Award dispenser

You can try to make a toy that houses prizes inside with an object as common and recyclable as a paper roll. To make a toy for ferrets, you will have to cut small holes with the help of scissors or a cutter, through which the sweets can easily come out. Be careful when performing this step, as you could accidentally cut yourself and, if you are a minor, ask for help from an adult.

Next, you must close the roll by bending both ends down, giving it a concave shape where the food will not be able to come out. And to add the prizes inside, all you have to do is open one of these sides and close it again..

How to choose the best toy for a ferret?

With the wide variety of ferret toys on the market, it is very difficult to choose which one will be the most suitable for your ferret. For this reason, we want to give you these tips:

Have a variety of toys

The most advisable thing is that you have different kinds of toys to be able to offer different forms of fun and stimulation. Conversely, if you only give it a single toy, your ferret could end up getting bored and looking elsewhere for entertainment, for example, breaking something of value..

Price / quality ratio

Although it is not always easy to spend a considerable amount on an object like these, you should keep in mind that toys for your ferret they have to be safe. This implies that the toy you buy must be of quality, as this will minimize many risks, such as that it breaks easily and can hurt or choke on a piece, that the materials from which it is made are not toxic, that it does not contain sharp elements or abrasives… Therefore, when investing in a toy you should make sure that it has a balanced quality / price ratio to ensure that it is resistant and safe for your pet..

Meet your ferret

Finally, you should keep in mind that not all ferrets like to play in the same way. Or in any case, some prefer some type of game more than others. For example, an elderly ferret might not be especially passionate about running after a ball, but he might love toys that keep prizes inside..

Understand your ferret and how do you like to play, It will be key for you to decide which toys are most suitable for him. Therefore, look at his day to day and observe what kind of activities he does and his character, since a young ferret is not the same as an older one, nor a calm one compared to a more active one..

Now that you know the best toys for ferrets, how to make homemade toys and what to take into account when choosing the most suitable games for ferrets, do not miss these other articles:

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