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The hamster is a rodent that has gained popularity as a pet, thanks to its small size, ideal for people who have little space. Basic hamster care includes adequate food, water, veterinary care and grooming, as well as playtime..

There are multiple products designed for the fun of these rodents. To help you choose, AnimalWised recommends the best toys for hamster. ¡Keep reading!

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  1. Hamster wheel
  2. Hamster chew toys
  3. Hamster Exercise Ball
  4. Hamster tunnels
  5. Mineral stone
  6. Hamster swing
  7. Hamster houses
  8. Hamster stairs
  9. Hamster litter container
  10. Hamster gym
  11. Recommendations for acquiring hamster toys

1. Hamster wheel

The hamster wheel is the most popular toy for these rodents. Hamsters tend to remain more active at night, as in nature they use these hours to search for food. For this reason, acquiring a wheel of this type will allow your pet do exercise, while you rest.

There are multiple types and materials of wheels, the most important thing is that your hamster fits in it without problem. Nowadays, you can also buy hamster wheels that promise to be quieter, as they are made of lightweight materials.

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2. Chew toys for hamsters

The hamster's teeth need to be filed, as they grow very quickly. Pellets contribute to this, but they are not enough. There are multiple chew toys on the market. Most of them are made of unvarnished wood, with some fabric ornaments; these are safe for your hamster to gnaw on.

There are also other chewy products with attractive smells, such as cheese, that you can add in his cage. In case you are preparing your hamster's cage, you may also be interested in this other AnimalWised article on Preparing a hamster's cage step by step..

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3. Exercise ball for hamster

Your hamster needs exercising and playing outside of their cage, but without risking; this is the benefit that the exercise ball promises, one of the best toys for hamster.

These balls are made of plastic and have holes for breathing. In addition, they have a threaded closure system, which prevents it from opening. They are made in different sizes, because the hamster must move inside it comfortably.

With this toy, the hamster can run around the house no danger of getting lost or hurt. However, you must not allow it to roll down the stairs.

4. Hamster tunnels

Tunnels or tubes are another of the best toys for hamsters. They encourage you to do physical activity, because allow you to get on and off to go through the tunnels. Also, they use them to hide when they want.

It is recommended that you acquire tunnels made of wood, because the hamster will use them to gnaw. Make sure he can scroll through them without problem; otherwise you will get stuck and could die if this happens when you are not at home.

5. Mineral stone

Mineral stone is another hamster chew toy. Made of calcium, they allow the rodent to wear down its teeth, while ingesting some extra portions of calcium.

This product is marketed alone or in conjunction with toys of different types, such as seesaws and tunnels. You will also find it in various sizes and flavors, so it will be a matter of finding the one that your pet likes the most.

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6. Hamster swing

Swings and hammocks are other of the best toys for hamsters. These types of products provide fun, while helping the hamster to exercise and develop your coordination and balance skills.

The swings are made of different materials, from plastic and fabrics, to wood, which are suitable for the hamster to chew on. In fact, it is important to take into account and know the care of a hamster's teeth.

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7. Hamster houses

There are countless models of houses for hamsters. Most of them have various levels, they include stairs, swings and wheels, becoming a nice exercise and fun center.

Some houses are smaller, as they are intended to serve as shelter or lair. However, it is more convenient to acquire one that includes implements to play.

The house must be ventilated and of sufficient size so that the hamster enters and leaves without problem. In addition, it must have a room or space where your pet can take refuge when he wants to be alone. Similarly, check that you can clean the inside easily.

8. Hamster stairs

Another of the best hamster toys is stairs. Sold in wood, plastic and rope, among other materials. The size must correspond to the weight and dimensions of the hamster, so that it can be used comfortably and without the risk of falling.

Stairs are another way for the hamster to exercise in the hours when there are no people at home. Also, if it is the first time you have a hamster at home, ¡you will see right away that these rodents they love to climb!

9. Container of hamster litter

Hamsters love to roll in the sand, it is a way of play and clean their fur. You can use a ceramic or plastic container and fill it with commercial sand for hamsters or chinchillas, taking care that the grain is not too fine..

In this other article we explain more about ¿How to bathe my hamster? Although, as we indicated, if you provide a container with special sand for these rodents, your hamster will bathe alone.

10. Hamster gym

Some brands market hamster play sets, which include several fun and useful implements for the life of your pet. Rockers, chew toys, tiny weights, among others; the toys will depend on the set you buy.

It is important to make sure that the materials are safe and non-toxic, like wood and cloth. The interesting thing about these sets is that they include toys and chews for one price..

Recommendations for acquiring hamster toys

We have described the main hamster toys. Now, you need to know some general recommendations to choose and use the best products for your pet:

  • Avoid plastic toys: It is better to avoid toys made of plastic, as the hamster could bite them and swallow the particles. On the contrary, he prefers those toys made of wood or cork.
  • Ergonomic toys- All toys must be designed in such a way that the rodent cannot catch or get caught in them.
  • Be careful with the waterDo not place seesaws, swings or ladders near the water containers, as the hamster could fall and drown.
  • Watch out for openings- The wheels should not have openings, as the hamster's legs or tail would get tangled in them when running.

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