The best toys for hedgehogs

Finding a good toy for hedgehogs is a difficult task, and although hedgehogs as pets are increasingly popular, in truth many people still do not know the characteristics and care that this animal needs. For example, and as you will see in this AnimalWised article, hedgehogs are very curious animals, which play with a wide variety of toys.

Therefore, this means that if you have a hedgehog under your care, you should give him toys that he provides environmental enrichment to be entertained and happy. It is for this reason that we present you below the best toys for hedgehogs, so you can give the best care to your little friend.

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  1. Why should you buy toys for your hedgehog?
  2. Hedgehog accessories
  3. Candy holder toys
  4. Exercise ball for hedgehogs
  5. Chew toy for hedgehogs
  6. Homemade toys for hedgehogs
  7. Recommendations for acquiring a toy for hedgehogs

Why should you buy toys for your hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are curious animals, who, living in captivity, cannot perform all the activities or receive all the stimulation that they would have in the wild.

It is for this reason that, as an owner, you must make sure that your hedgehog exercises and entertains itself daily, in order to provide it with the care it deserves and that it does not feel frustrated and unhappy. Precisely, toys exist with this intention, since they provide the physical and mental stimulation that your pet needs, promoting its natural behavior, developing its senses and, ultimately, taking care of its well-being.

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Hedgehog accessories

For your hedgehog to be healthy and happy, it is important that you provide him with elements in his cage (which should be as large as possible), since it is surely where he spends most of the day, so that he can exercise and entertain, avoiding boredom. For this purpose, we advise you to add the following accessories for hedgehogs:

Hedgehog shed

The huts are essential accessories for your hedgehog, because these animals like to take refuge and settle in their small nest, feeling safe and secure while resting.

Hedgehog tunnel

Hedgehogs love tunnels, as these animals they love to explore all kinds of corners and hide. Your hedgehog may even end up falling asleep inside.

Therefore, acquiring one or more tunnels for your pet will always be a good idea, as long as they are large enough for your hedgehog get in and out smoothly. You can also purchase a tunnel that has various inputs and outputs to give your little one more play.

Stairs and platforms

One way to keep your hedgehog in shape is by adding to its cage surfaces with different levels and stairs to move between these.

In addition, it is recommended that the food, water, house and other accessories are distributed in different points of the cage, so that your hedgehog has to move to arrive and stay active in this way.

They exist in stores cages already designed with this intention, with different platforms that encourage the hedgehog to move. But in case you buy stairs for your hedgehog, make sure they are resistant, proportional to its body and weight, and of course, that they are stable and safe for your pet..

Hedgehog wheel

Surely, when you think of a wheel for hedgehogs, this one comes to mind hamster toy, and in fact it is practically the same. The wheel is a very popular toy, as it allows your hedgehog exercise, especially at night, since this is when it tends to be most active and when, for obvious reasons, you cannot devote as much attention to it.

When you buy a wheel for hedgehogs, make sure it is big enough for him, because the vast majority that you will find in stores will surely be for small rodents (hamsters, mice, gerbils…). And since you most likely won't find a wheel specifically for hedgehogs, due to their low popularity as pets, it may be a good idea for you. find one for rats.

Finally, it is not recommended that the surface of the wheel be grated or with bars, as it could get caught and hurt yourself. Therefore, be sure to purchase a wheel that has the flat surface.

Candy holder toys

In nature, obviously there is no bowl or plate full of food from which the hedgehogs feed, but the usual thing is that these animals have to be active daily in search of food through the senses, staying physically and mentally stimulated. It is for this reason that, by providing him with a toy from which to get the food, you simulate this activity in part.

There is a wide range of toys that can contain food inside. And although not all of them are specially designed for hedgehogs, surely you can find some in stores that can provide the stimulation for which these toys are designed, as well as for satisfy your curiosity. Examples of this class of toys are the food dispenser balls, with holes from which the food or snacks for hedgehogs come out every time they push it up and down. Or also the Small size kong, commonly designed for ferrets.

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Exercise ball for hedgehogs

Surely you have ever seen in a pet store a kind of sphere with a lid that can be opened and closed.

These spheres or balls, available in different sizes, are specially designed so that your pet can walk outside of his cage safely, exercising and exploring your environment without hiding in a corner or running away from home.

Now that doesn't mean you don't have to keep an eye on it while rolling above and below the house, as any unforeseen event could happen that endangers your pet. In the same way, if your house has several floors with stairs, obviously you must put an obstacle so that it cannot fall and hurt itself, or leave it on the ground floor, where this risk does not exist..

Finally, it is not advisable to leave him in the ball for a long time, less in summer, because will not have access to food or water. In addition, it can also get dirty with its own feces if you leave it without the option of relieving itself outside the ball for a long time (and, obviously, dirtying the floor).

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Chew toy for hedgehogs

Not all hedgehogs love to chew and, in addition, these animals they don't need to gnaw objects to keep your teeth healthy, unlike other small mammals. However, if you notice that your pet is especially prone to this activity, it will always be a good option to give chew toys at ease, so that you do not destroy other unsuitable objects.

For this reason, you can buy various pet stores wood toys, which are 100% safe and natural for your hedgehog, since they have been specially designed for the safety and well-being of rodents such as guinea pigs or rabbits.

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Homemade toys for hedgehogs

If you dare to try offering your hedgehog toys made by yourself with recycled materials, Here are some ideas for homemade hedgehog toys:

Homemade tunnel for hedgehogs

The first toy that you can try to make, and with which your hedgehog will be delighted, is that of a tunnel. This, in addition, will be very simple to carry out, since you will only need one (or several, if you want to make more than one tunnel) medium cardboard box.

To make the tunnel, you must take the box, open it at both ends and crush it so that there is a cylindrical. If you also want to expand the tunnel, you just have to join several boxes with the same shape with tape. We do not advise you to use glue or similar products, as it could be toxic to your hedgehog.

Refillable nest for hedgehogs

For this toy you will need another box, but this time a little bigger. And you can make a nest for your hedgehog by following these simple steps:

  1. Close the bottom of the box with tape.
  2. With the help of scissors or a cutter, make a hole in one side through which your hedgehog can pass.
  3. Fill the box with crumpled paper shavings or strips so your hedgehog feels comfortable inside.
  4. Optionally, you can try to join the tunnel that we have described above to the entrance of the nest. Adding even more inputs and outputs to the box.

Finally, you can add inside the nest hidden prizes or food, so that your hedgehog has to use his nose to find them. In this way, your hedgehog will develop this sense by fostering its natural behavior, providing it with great moments of entertainment..

Homemade prize ball for hedgehogs

As you've seen, prize toys are a good way to provide mental stimulation your pet. It is for this reason that you can try to make a ball similar to the one you would find in a store, in a homemade way.

To do this, you must take a tennis ball or table tennis, For example, and with the help of a cutter (and very carefully), make holes large enough for the food to come out once your hedgehog tries to get its prize.

Homemade hedgehog food dispenser roll

Another even cheaper way to make a prize-holder toy is to try to do the same with a used roll of paper.

This time you will have to make small holes in the roll with the help of scissors, through which the treats can easily come out on the roll.

However, as the roll is not airtight, unlike the ball, you should close both ends folding them inwards to obtain a concave shape, so that you can open and close these ends to add the food. Next, we leave you the step by step of this toy for hedgehogs.

Recommendations for acquiring a toy for hedgehogs

As you have seen, there are many options that you can choose to provide your pet with great fun times. Now, as you have seen, not all toys have been specifically designed for hedgehogs because they are still a world to explore when it comes to creating articles aimed at their entertainment. This can lead to many mistakes, which can put the physical integrity of your little one at risk and, therefore, you should consider several points before purchasing a toy for your hedgehog:


The toys you choose should be proportional to their size so that they fulfill their function correctly. Avoid, therefore, toys for small rodents.


You must carefully ensure that the toy you purchase is completely safe for your pet:

  • It should not have sharp or abrasive elements.
  • It should not contain small parts that can be detached and swallowed..
  • It must be strong so that it cannot easily break and loosen pieces. Also, if the toy is worn, it will be removed as soon as possible.
  • It should not contain toxic substances, such as paint.
  • There should be no risk of getting caught or pinched.

Meet your hedgehog

As you have seen, not all hedgehogs are entertained in the same way. Some like to chew while others are calmer and prefer to hide in tunnels. Understand your hedgehog and know what activities do you prefer perform daily, it will be key when you choose the best toys for him.

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