The best toys for rabbits

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More and more caregivers are encouraged to share life with a rabbit. The rise of the rabbit as a companion animal has increased the market for products intended for these animals and has also led to more and more professionals increasing their training on them.

And, for your physical and emotional well-being, you have to inform yourself to make sure that we cover all your needs. One of them, very important, is the game. In this AnimalWised article we will discover the best toys for rabbits.

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  1. What to buy for a rabbit
  2. Chew toys for rabbits
  3. Digging toys for rabbits
  4. Balls for rabbits
  5. Climbing toys for rabbits
  6. Edible toys for rabbits
  7. Tunnels for rabbits
  8. Interactive toys for rabbits

What to buy for a rabbit

The best toys for rabbits are just one of the accessories that we must have for their arrival home. Before adopting, we have to inform ourselves well about the needs and the way of life of this species. For this, it is essential to find a good veterinarian specialized in these animals who can advise us on feeding, vaccination, reviews, etc., in addition to everything we must acquire for him. The basic equipment is as follows:

  • Food: the staple food is hay, followed by rabbit feed and fresh vegetables.
  • Cage: as big as possible. Although it is better if the rabbit is loose, the cage may be needed for rest or if we cannot keep an eye on it.
  • Feeder and drinker.
  • Paper or wood bed.
  • Toys.
  • Transport box for transfers.

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Chew toys for rabbits

Rabbits need to nibble and, in fact, we will see that they will do it with everything they can, that is why teethers are among the best toys for rabbits and they are essential if we do not want them to destroy everything. We can find them of very different types, but what we have to look at is that do not contain dyes or toxic parts for them.

Most are made of wood, of very different types and shapes such as sticks or vegetables. Wicker also works. We will notice that these and other appropriately sized toys are going to be thrown through the air on a regular basis and as part of play..

Digging toys for rabbits

Rabbits love to dig, so it is a good idea if we prepare a container where introduce chips, papers or even dirt deep enough to get a hole inside and taking into account that everything will end up scattered on the ground. But the fun it gives them makes it one of the best toys for rabbits..

In addition, it will succeed if we use a wooden box and make some holes in it. If we do not want to complicate ourselves, a piece of carpet can be used for the rabbit to do the exercise of digging in the ground.

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Balls for rabbits

Any type of ball can be one of the best toys for our rabbit, since it allows him to exercise and, in addition, some specimens learn the game of go out to find it and give it back to us. There are very different models, so we will have to try to see which one you like the most. Some have a bell, which can increase your interest. Other rabbits prefer a roll like toilet paper. The balls of plant materials also serve as edibles.

Climbing toys for rabbits

By climbing toys we mean any construction that offers the rabbit the possibility of going up and down, by having several floors. For example, a house, bed or any box that we place on more than one level communicated, for example with a ramp, can become one of the best toys for rabbits in which they will enjoy climbing.

As always, before offering it to you we have to make sure that it does not contain no toxic material. Remember that rabbits are going to nibble everything. Cat scratchers are another successful option.

Edible toys for rabbits

Precisely for his taste for nibbling We cannot do without the edibles in the list of the best toys for rabbits. For sale we will find a lot of different models, although we can also choose to simply give them pieces of vegetables or fruits, depending on the vet advice. As an example, we highlight the rolls in which hay can be inserted.

Tunnels for rabbits

Tunnels for rabbits are very similar to those bought for cats. They are included among the best toys for rabbits because they they love to run through them, hide in them and even rest well protected. A derivation of the tunnels is the labyrinth, which can be made by joining several tunnels or as a large box with uncovered corridors.

Interactive toys for rabbits

Finally, interactive or intelligence toys are those that make the rabbit have to ddevelop your skills, usually to get a prize in the form of food. Thus, we find boards in which you have to uncover boxes or food dispensers with holes through which a prize is drawn. Since intelligence must also be exercised, that is why we include them among the best toys for rabbits.

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