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If you have just adopted a puppy, you will have realized that play is, without a doubt, one of the demands that your furry friend will demand the most of you. It is not unusual then that you are wondering what they are the best toys for puppies, because in the market there is a wide range of toys designed with different purposes.

Faced with this sea of ​​possibilities, in this AnimalWised article, we want to advise you which are the most recommended toys for your puppy, as well as what characteristics you should look at when you acquire a new toy for the newcomer..

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  1. What are puppy toys for?
  2. Types of toys for puppies
  3. How to choose the best toy for a puppy?
  4. Homemade Puppy Toys

What are puppy toys for?

The dogs are social animals who love to play both with others of the same species, as with people or other animals. Through play, the puppies perform various learnings that will determine your adult life, such as self-control, proprioception and proper interaction with others. In addition, they exercise and it is a means of socialization and leisure.

For this reason, toys have a very important role in the development of your puppy, as include them during play sessions, either with you, with other dogs or alone., enrich this activity, providing much more diversity of exercises and stimulating different senses of the puppy, thus avoiding boredom, satisfying their curiosity and making new learning.

Types of toys for puppies

There is a wide variety of toys for puppy dogs. The main ones are the following:

  • Search toys: dogs love to play chasing moving objects, as it is part of their instinct. For this reason, the most varied toys have been designed to be thrown and chased by your puppy. From the classic balls (made of rubber, fabric, rubber, with lights, etc.), to stuffed animals and even flying discs.
  • Tug of war toys: This section highlights all the toys made with strings, designed for two individuals, such as two dogs or the owner with the puppy, to pull on each end of the string. This kind of game satisfies many puppies, tires them through physical exercise and, following the correct educational guidelines, prevents it from developing a toy protection problem, since it associates sharing it as something fun.
  • Teether toys: This type of toy is usually made of resistant materials, such as hard rubber, which make them difficult for most dogs to break. They are, therefore, designed so that your puppy can be distracted and spend long periods safely biting an object suitable for him, preventing him from doing it with something inappropriate..
  • Prize toys: these types of toys are designed so that your puppy is distracted by playing alone, at the same time that he is rewarded for it by food. This keeps your puppy entertained, mentally active and, in turn, learns to be alone, preventing him from developing separation anxiety if used properly. Generally, they are teethers or search toys, such as the Kong or dispenser balls.
  • Intelligence toys for dogs: the intelligence or interactive toys have been specifically designed for your puppy to learn to solve a challenge in order for it to obtain a reward. In this way, your puppy will remain stimulated and, by learning through trial and error, he will know how to cope in different situations of lesser or greater difficulty that you propose..

And if you also have adult dogs at home, we encourage you to read this other AnimalWised article on Types of dog toys..

How to choose the best toy for a puppy?

If you are wondering what kind of toys you should buy to offer the best care to your puppy, we advise you to take into account the following points:

Have a variety of toys

Puppies are generally easily bored If they only have one kind of toy, then once they get to know it and it doesn't bring them anything new, their curiosity will make them explore other objects that may or may not be suitable for it.

For this reason, as an owner you must have a wide repertoire of toys at your disposal that provide different types of stimulation and entertainment for your puppy. In this way, you can vary the toy and offer your puppy multiple options, with which he will always have fun playing with you or alone.

Meet your puppy

Also, among your toys, you surely prefer some more than others. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to what type of game and what characteristics seem the most fun to your puppy, in order to get to know him better and know how your puppy likes to play. It could be the case, for example, that your puppy is passionate about playing tug of war, but does not particularly like you throwing the ball.

On the other hand, in addition to being important to know your puppy, it is essential to know how to play with him correctly. In this other article, we explain how to play with a puppy.

Safe toys

Although generally puppy toys are designed so that they cannot be harmful to your pet, you should never trust yourself. Definitely buy toys of quality It is of special importance, since these will be harmless for your friend, resistant, non-toxic, without sharp or abrasive elements and, therefore, they will hardly pose a risk to him, as long as they are not very worn (in which case, they should be removed).

Conversely, your puppy could injure himself while playing or break off the toy if it breaks easily. This clearly poses a danger, as you could cut yourself, choke, ingest it and not be able to excrete it and even become intoxicated if they are made of harmful materials..

According to your capabilities

When you want to buy a toy for your pet, you should take into account that this toy is suitable for him. There are many toys designed specifically for puppies, since those designed for adults can still be too difficult a challenge for your puppy, a fact that will make I know frustrate easily and associate it with a negative experience. An example of this are food dispenser toys or teethers (such as the Kong), since those designed for adults are made of materials much harder, or intelligence toys. In the same way, you must acquire a toy according to the size of your pet, Well, a large puppy will not have the same capacities as a mini one.

Homemade Puppy Toys

If you want to provide your puppy with toys made by yourself, we explain some ideas on how to make homemade toys for your puppy, easy to make, made with recycled materials and with which your furry will have a great time.

Ball sock

If you have an old or mismatched sock and you don't know what to do with it, you can give it a second life as a toy for your puppy.

For this simple toy, you just have to insert a sturdy ball into the sock (we recommend, for example, a tennis ball) and tie both ends of the sock.

In this way, you already have a toy with which to spend great time playing tug of war with your puppy. Also, you can throw it at him to chase him.

Teether bottle

For this toy you will simply need a plastic bottle and a sock or a T-shirt that you no longer use. You shall wrap the bottle with the garment and tie it firmly at both ends. If there is a lot of fabric on the sides, trim it so that it cannot come off.

With this teether, your puppy can be easily distracted and exercise your jaw. However, we do not recommend that you leave it unattended playing with this toy, because if your puppy is very destructive, it could eventually break it and, for this reason, it will have to be removed so that it does not harm itself..

Food dispenser

For this simple treat dispenser toy, you will need a bottle, a utility knife or cutting tool, and masking tape..

To make this toy, you will need make holes of different sizes in the bottle, For which the food and / or prizes that you want to add inside the toy will have to come out.

For safety, these holes will have to be reinforced with Scotch tape, so that there is no risk that your puppy could cut himself with the plastic of the bottle. Next, we leave this video at your disposal with which you can learn in more detail how to make this homemade food dispenser:

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