The best cat food dispenser toys

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Cats are curious and playful animals that love to receive gifts and enjoy new experiences every day. For that reason, cat food dispenser toys they are a great way to enrich your life.

Unlike other toys, food dispensers offer entertainment, relaxation and stimulation of the senses. It is enough to fill them with food (snacks, catnip, pellets of feed ...) and let our best friend entertain himself for a long time. Discover below the AnimalWised proposals on the best cat food dispenser toys:

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  1. Kong kitty
  2. Kong for cats - Candy dispenser cone
  3. Cat activity - Snack ball
  4. Catit - Blue Candy Ball
  5. Candy Dispenser - Ball for Cats
  6. Do not forget that...

Kong kitty

The kong kitty It is the classic food dispenser of the Kong brand. Its design makes the movements of the toy unpredictable, in this way, our cat will be entertained by following the curious dispenser. The material used is resistant but soft at the same time, in addition, it is a toy very sure, since both holes prevent drowning in case of accidental ingestion. If you think it is the right toy for your pet, you can buy it at this link.

Kong for cats - Candy dispenser cone

Also from the Kong brand, we find the candy dispenser cone, a model of type "seesaw " somewhat larger than the previous one. Dispenses food through a rack and unlike the previous model, this one also has a feather duster very soft, which invites active play. If your cat likes toys like "fishing pole " this is undoubtedly the most suitable for him. It is without a doubt one of the best cat food dispenser toys that you can purchase.

Cat activity - Snack ball

If the conventional models of dispensers are not to your liking, you can always buy the ball cat activity, which is also ideal for felines that show an interest in ball-type toys. Just fill in the inside with your favorite prizes and adjust the opening. It is hard and very resistant, perfect for cats that tend to break toys.

Catit - Blue Candy Ball

The Catit candy ball It is very similar to the previous design, as is its operation. However, in this case you can observe the route of the prizes inside the ball. The surface is softer than the previous model and usually catches the attention of cats very quickly when they see the treats in motion.

Candy Dispenser - Ball for Cats

The latest food dispenser that we propose at AnimalWised is kong's cat ball. It also gives goodies through a slit, but unlike previous models it is harder and has a concrete shape that creates random movements and allows the cat to catch it more easily. From AnimalWised we want to help you find the toys for your cat at the best price, for this we recommend buying at Miscota.

Do not forget that...

If you have never tried these types of toys before, you should know that not all cats are attracted to the commercial snacks that we find in the market. You will have to try different brands and products, although you can also make them yourself. If you notice that your cat shows no interest, you can always use the usual feed.

Most cats greatly enjoy new toys, however, after a while, they tend to stop showing interest, that is because they are social animals that need a companion with whom share the game moments. Regardless of the toy you buy for your cat, it will be very important to include yourself in the game, do not forget it.

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