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There are many people who are fond of the horse: a noble, beautiful and athletic animal. In it we find a partner with whom to practice various forms of riding such as jumping.

In this AnimalWised article we will talk about the the best jumping horses doing a review of the the warmbloods (warm blood). They are horses of European origin that diversify into various classes of equines with their own characteristics, although they start from a common trunk. These horses have dominated the world panorama of equestrian competitions, both in International Awards and in the Olympics.

¿You want to know more? Keep reading and discover which are the best horse breeds for equestrian jumping and ¡start practicing it!

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  1. Hanoverian Warmblood
  2. KWPN Warmblood or Dutch Warmblood
  3. Warmblood Holsteiner
  4. Belgian Warmblood
  5. Warmblood Oldenburg
  6. Warmblood Selle Français
  7. Westphalian Warmblood
  8. Warmblood Irish Draft Horse
  9. Lusitano Warmblood
  10. Shagya Arab Thoroughbred
  11. Hispanic Arab Thoroughbred

Hanoverian Warmblood

It is the best known Warmblood and considered the best of all for its balanced character and its beautiful appearance. Of German origin, the Hanoverian he is raised and educated under rigid concepts that lead him towards excellence.

It measures 1.70 m. It has a long, slender neck with an elegant, medium-sized head, light but imposing. The back is medium in size and very strong. The legs are slightly short but very strong. His temperament is pleasant and docile.

KWPN Warmblood or Dutch Warmblood

This extraordinary equine, the Dutch Warmblood, It is signified by its lightness and great temperament, which together with its beauty makes it one of the best jumping horses.

It is a medium-sized horse (1.60 m. High). It has a muscular and arched neck, a prominent withers and very powerful and muscular hindquarters. The rump is short and flat.

Warmblood Holsteiner

The Holsteiner it is a very respected and ancient breed. It is somewhat heavier than the previous ones, but its elegant structure and its obedient and gentle character make it highly appreciated. It is a breed native to Germany.

It is an equine with a small head, arched neck and very powerful hindquarters with a strong back and loin. Measures 1.73 m tall.

Belgian Warmblood

Horse with very light line, willful and of recognized ability and technique in the jump. The influence on the Belgian horse of the thoroughbred in its breeding is remarkable.

It has an attractive and muscular head, a strong back and a strong back. The joints are strong and the chest is broad. His temperament is kind and willful.

Warmblood Oldenburg

The Oldenburg It is a very powerful horse, originally conceived for the hitch. It is a highly developed horse with great power. It comes from Lower Saxony, formerly called: Grand Duchy of Oldenburg.

It has a fine and noble head. Strong back, long, muscular legs. The well-formed hooves and is 1.78 m tall.

Warmblood Selle Français

The Warmblood Selle Français is a horse with a lot of temperament due to the genetic influence of the English thoroughbred. The Selle Français It is a very elegant and powerful horse, with plenty of energy and intelligence.

It measures 1.73 m. He is an easy horse to train, brave and fearless. It has extraordinary flexibility and a robust bone constitution.

Westphalian Warmblood

Of German origin, the Westphalian he is an extraordinary horse recognized in all international competitions. Its beautiful appearance is legendary.

It is a horse with a gentle character and a very balanced temperament, which makes it overcome the demands of the rider. Many champions come from this excellent breed.

It measures 1.78 m. Its structure is harmonious, powerful and elegant, being considered one of the most beautiful and suitable breeds for jumping..

Warmblood Irish Draft Horse

The Irish Draft Horse it is the possessor of a beautiful stamp. It is the national horse of Ireland, trained thanks to its powerful complexion to develop a lot of work and endurance. It is a horse that measures 1.70 m. It has a long, arched neck. It has strong bones and very muscular hindquarters and hocks..

This horse is very obedient, hard-working and intelligent.

Lusitano Warmblood

The Lusitanian It is a horse from the Iberian Peninsula. Formerly noted for his skills as a war horse.

It measures 1.63 m. The Lusitano has an attractive head with a short, thick neck. It has a short and compact back with straight and strong shoulders. The hindquarters are muscular and have a lot of strength.

The temperament of this horse is excellent: intelligent, austere and brave, it is a noble and generous horse.

Shagya Arab Thoroughbred

The Shagya He is a thoroughbred Arabian, he is a horse of extraordinary quality for jumping. It measures 1.63 m. It has the typical head of the Arab race, with small ears and very expressive eyes. It shows a long, slender neck and a slightly sunken back. Has strong legs with dry joints.

The temperament of this horse is characterized by its docility and friendly demeanor, coupled with excellent vigor.

Hispanic Arab Thoroughbred

The thoroughbred Hispanic Arab it is a beautiful equine with excellent behavior in the various equestrian competitions.

It measures 1.58 m. Horse with a straight head, large expressive eyes, and small ears. The neck is medium in size and arched, with a straight and short back. The legs are long and strong. The chest is full and deep.

He has a lively temperament, very brave and versatile, with a marked intelligence and energy..

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