The best dressage horses

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Estimate which is the best dressage horse It is undoubtedly a difficult question, because in addition to certain physical attributes it is also important that the rider in question is experienced and knowledgeable about the techniques to use.

The purpose of dressage is for the horse to follow the rider's instructions in a harmonious, light and flexible way, in a beautiful and natural way, as is the horse itself. It is for this reason that only the best horses can participate in Dressage events..

Below AnimalWised helps you by making a summary of the best dressage horses with pictures and a little description. ¡Do not forget to comment!

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  1. Westphalian
  2. Holstein
  3. Shagya
  4. Pure Spanish Breed
  5. Smooth step
  6. Lusitanian


Horse westphalian is of German origin. It is a specimen of warmblood (temperate blood), which is signified by its exclusive breeding through continuous improvement of the equine breed. Its excellence is continuously demonstrated in international competitions and Olympics.

He is 1.78 m tall, he is a tall horse. He has a willing temperament, as Westphalians are trained under rigid protocol and discipline. It has a beautiful picture because of how harmonious all its extremities are. It is an excellent horse for dressage.


Horse holstein is considered the oldest warmblood. He has an extraordinary performance in the competitions in which he participates. It is a medium-sized horse, measuring 1.73 m. Its head is small with an arched neck and well-angled shoulders. It has intelligent eyes. It has a strong loin and back and powerful hindquarters.

His temperament is willing, laid-back, and enthusiastic when required. He is trained for tough jobs.


The shagya It is a horse of purebred arab. It is a horse with an extraordinary performance in equestrian competitions. It has an average size, 1.63 m. It has large and expressive eyes on its small head, which crowns a long and slender neck. The ears are small.

Its back is somewhat sunken and its legs are very strong with dry joints. It is a horse with a docile and friendly temperament, which always produces the sensation of enjoying a happy and vigorous mood. Without a doubt, this animal is a wonderful horse for dressage..

Pure Spanish Breed

Horse pure spanish breed, Also called: Andalusian horse, it has a special predisposition for dressage. This is due to the great intelligence and learning capacity of this equine breed..

The head is of medium size, the neck is also of medium length. In their eyes you can see the great intelligence of these horses. The back is muscular and strong. The hindquarters are very powerful and provide the horse with a harmonious and rhythmic agility.

His temperament is energetic, noble and docile. They are balanced and resistant horses.

Smooth step

Horse smooth step It is of American origin. It is a medium-sized animal that measures 1.58 m. It is an equine with a head, neck and back, all of medium size and light in appearance. Its rump is rounded. Wonderful at dressage.

The temperament of the Paso Fino is fiery and lively, yet docile and friendly at the same time. Has a friendly and hard-working character.


The Lusitanian horse comes from the Iberian Peninsula. It measures 1.63 m., And stands out notably in equestrian competitions. It has a head similar to the Andalusian Horse, but with a shorter neck and all of it more compact and reduced..

His temperament is kind and willing. He is very generous in his effort, sensible and noble. It is very brave, formerly it was used as a war horse.

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