The funniest toys for cats

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Cats are like children, they don't complicate life much. They will have fun with anything they are curious about, move around, and have in front of them. They are more creative than they appear.

Sometimes we think that we are pampering our pets more when we buy them expensive toys, but the truth is that they enjoy simple things (many of them are already at home and have zero cost or are very cheap). It's more important Play with them than having a very made toy.

Continue reading this AnimalWised article where we enter the world of the funniest toys for cats. You will see how you will make your pet a little happier.

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Ping pong balls

These lightweight balls are a great way to keep your cat active and busy because they will be rolling and jumping all the time. You can use several at the same time, that will drive him crazy with excitement and you will see your feline flying from one side to the other side of the house. They are perfect for hard and smooth surfaces like in apartments and houses, not so good for green spaces.

Feather dusters

Invite your cat to clean the house with you. The felines are lovers of the soft feathers, everything that has a pen for them is synonymous with ecstasy. When you are dusting the shelves, play with your cat and tickle him with the feather duster. The hunting instinct of cats know that there is something special about feathers and they will always be attracted to them. Let him play with her too.

The boxes

This is my favorite. Any closed space where a cat can hide and play detective, such as a box or a suitcase, there it will be. When you bring something new home and it comes in a box, don't throw it away, let your cat get hold of it. It will be like an intimate and special place for him. It is not a secret that cats love boxes ¡small, large, of all kinds!

Furry mice

We do not want to incite our cat to hunt other animals, but we cannot deny its animal instinct and then we must say that furry mice are one of the favorite toys of felines. They are inexpensive and can be purchased at any pet store. They come in different colors, sizes and some make noise when you squeeze them (this draws attention and triggers the cat's curiosity). ¡Get one!

Measuring tapes or ropes

Anything that hangs the cat will want to go to catch it with its claws. Is he pendulum motion what grabs your attention. Dragging a rope or ribbon around the house will be a good way to entice your cat to play and at the same time invite them to exercise. Supervise this moment, lest it get tangled or swallowed the rope and ends up being a bad move, the thicker the better.

A data...

A recommendation so that your cat does not get bored and have games for a while, is to rotate the toys. That is, do not take them all at once, but as you see that you lose interest in one, take another up your sleeve. As we mentioned at the beginning, enjoy every moment with your pet and take every opportunity to spend quality time with him..

And remember, the cats they don't like to play alone, for that reason it will be essential that in their playtime be present to stimulate you and create a more fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Oh, and don't forget to keep browsing to find out more cat toys that you can use to have a good time with your feline..

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