Can cats eat rice?

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Many people wonder if cats can eat rice, especially when they have stomach problems or when their usual food has run out and there is no time to buy more. It is true that there are some human foods that cats can consume, however, ¿is rice?

In this AnimalWised article we will explain to you if cats can eat rice, showing you in which cases it can be recommended, the properties of this food, the types that exist and, in addition, some recipes for rice for cats that you can make yourself at home, quick and very simple.

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  1. Can Cats Eat Rice?
  2. Can small cats eat rice?
  3. Properties and benefits of rice for cats
  4. How to make rice for cats?
  5. Recipes with rice for cats

Can Cats Eat Rice?

Rice is a very popular ingredient in our human diet, in fact, it is part of the base of our food pyramid. Nevertheless, ¿rice is good or bad for cats? We must know that, although it is not a recommended food, rice is not toxic to cats.

Then, ¿cats can eat rice? Yes, but in a limited way.

Cats are exclusively carnivorous animals, so the intake of protein and fat are the basis of their diet. In fact, if we do not take into account this important data when evaluating the cat's diet, it is very likely that we will generate nutritional deficiencies in the long run.

Rice, composed mainly of carbohydrates, is a food that does not offer the nutritional requirements that cats need. Therefore, a cat should not be fed rice regularly. Likewise, gluten can cause intolerance and allergic reactions in felines..

However, on some occasions, it may be advisable to offer rice to our cats, especially when we talk about gastrointestinal diseases, like diarrhea in cats. In these cases, dry feed can irritate the stomach of our feline. On the contrary, rice will help regulate their intestines, so it can be administered for 3 or 4 days as part of a soft diet for cats with diarrhea..

Once the cat is recovered, we must return to its usual diet, always gradually, since the continued consumption of rice can cause various health problems, such as constipation or gas among others..

Can small cats eat rice?

Small cats they should not eat rice, not even when they suffer from diarrhea, as it could affect their development and cause constipation. In these cases it is convenient to go to the vet and acquire I think gastrointestinal specific for puppy cats.

Properties and benefits of rice for cats

Although rice does not offer cats the components that their body requires, it does provides them with certain benefits, Therefore, we explain what are the properties of rice for cats:

  • It is rich in calories and carbohydrates
  • Contains vitamin B
  • Provides magnesium, although in small amounts
  • Provides iron

Even so, remember that you should only include it in your diet in a moderate way, when indicated by the veterinarian after a review for a gastrointestinal problem or similar.

How to make rice for cats?

Cats can eat rice occasionally, however, ¿what type of rice is most suitable for our cats? ¿How to give rice to a cat? In the market we find different types, but we will mainly talk about white rice and brown rice, the most common:

  • ¿Cats can eat white rice? Yes, always well cooked, never raw, since uncooked grain can cause stomach pain. Also, rice sometimes contains lectin, a pesticide that can cause poisoning and vomiting. Cooked rice, on the other hand, is not dangerous and can be administered for a few days without taking risks.
  • ¿Cats can eat brown rice? The answer is also positive in this case, there are even commercial cat patés prepared with brown rice and chicken. In the case of brown rice, we will be offering an extra fiber.

So, when preparing recipes with rice for cats with diarrhea, you are probably wondering how to give rice to a cat and what other ingredients you can include in a special diet. Next we will explain how to give rice to a cat, showing you some recipes and their preparation.

Recipes with rice for cats

¿Do you want to know how to make rice for cats? There are several simple recipes that you can prepare for cats with diarrhea. They take little time and your cat is likely to accept them without problems:

Chicken rice

If you wonder how to make chicken rice for cats, this recipe is the one you are looking for. The chicken rice mixture will allow your feline's digestive system to regulate itself, while the nutrients from the chicken provide it with energy and help it recover from its illness..

For this rice recipe for cats with diarrhea you will need:

  • ½ Cup of rice
  • ½ cup boneless chicken, skinless and fat removed
  • ¼ carrot

Boil the chicken in water, without adding salt, onion or seasonings. While cooking, cut the carrot into small cubes. Then, remove the chicken from the water (keep the broth) and shred it. Cook the rice with the chicken pieces and the chopped carrot, instead of water use the broth you reserved, so it will be more appetizing.

When the rice is ready, wait for it to warm up and serve this tasty preparation of rice with chicken for cats.

Rice and fish

We can also substitute chicken for fish. Nevertheless, ¿Can cats eat rice with tuna? Canned tuna is not recommended, as it contains mercury, bisphenol, and high levels of sodium. Ideally, you should always bet on quality fish, fresh or frozen.

Although the canned tuna that you buy for your consumption is not recommended for cats, you can offer it to yours if you find yourself in a situation where it does not want to eat something else and you need it to recover, just make sure it is tuna in water, not in oil.

Mixing rice with fish is an attractive option, since you will be providing it with omega 3 and fatty acids. Remember that the fish must be cooked. You can use salmon, tuna, sardine, trout or anchovy.

Here is another recipe for cat rice, this time including fish. You will need to:

  • 300 grams of fish
  • ½ Cup of rice
  • 1 carrot

The preparation is the same that we have followed to make the recipe for rice with chicken for cats. Cook the fish in water without adding seasonings or other additives. Cut into squares or grate the carrot. As soon as the fish is done, let it cool and shred while removing the bones. Cook the rice mixing with the carrot and the shredded fish, using the water where you prepared the fish for cooking..

Wait for it to cool before serving your cat. The preparation can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

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