Can rabbits eat bread?

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When it comes to have a pet at home Many times we forget that each animal species has its own nutritional requirements, in addition to one or several groups of foods that are beneficial, compared to others that are strictly prohibited for them because they are counterproductive..

This happens to us with dogs, cats and even rabbits. Rabbits feed on plants in the wild, so pretending to feed them another type of food at home can be harmful, no matter how much you like that food. That is why AnimalWised presents you this article on whether rabbits can eat bread or not.

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  1. Is stale bread good for rabbits?
  2. Why is bread bad for rabbits?
  3. What is the solution?

Is stale bread good for rabbits?

Surely someone has recommended you or you have read that the rabbit needs a hard surface that it can gnaw to wear down its sharp teeth, and that stale bread is ideal for this. However, this it is a myth that is extremely harmful for your rabbit. Not only will bread not help the wear of your teeth at all, but it will also attract various health problems, including obesity Y stomach discomfort such as diarrhea, which could put your rabbit in danger of death from dehydration.

If your furry companion has already suffered from diarrhea and you don't know how to act, don't miss our article on the causes and treatment for diarrhea in rabbits..

Why is bread bad for rabbits?

There are many types of animals and many ways to classify them, one of them is by the food they eat. In this way, there are omnivores, carnivores, herbivores, insectivores, blood-sucking animals, and a long etcetera. In this classification, the rabbit is herbivore, so it is better to consume herbs, vegetables and certain fruits, as well as some cereals. The bread may be delicious for you and your rabbit may even like it, but this does not mean that it is beneficial for his health.

It happens that the stomach of all animals is capable of processing certain substances, rejecting the presence of others, and this is what happens when you give your rabbit bread: bread contains wheat, a cereal that is certainly recommended for these small mammals. but also contains starch, that will only make disasters in the digestive system of the rodent. This is so because the rabbit's body is unable to properly process a substance such as starch, so it ferments, causes diarrhea and affects the stomach, developing more serious problems such as ulcers. All this will quickly dehydrate the animal, cause it a lot of discomfort and can become the reason for its death.

On the other hand, obesity in rabbits is a disorder that is directly related to the intake of bread, and it is no secret to anyone how many health complications that excess weight brings, regardless of the species.

So, for all of the above reasons, we highly recommend do not give bread of any type of bread your rabbit, no cookies, cakes, sweets or other treats for human beings.

What is the solution?

If until now you have been giving your rabbit bread to protect his teeth, do not worry, there are better options for this.. Hay is the most recommended for dental care of these animals, because it not only fulfills its function, but is also healthy and there is no problem in that they eat the amount they want.

Always keep a portion of fresh hay in the cage so that the rabbit can chew as much as it wants and at any time. Remember that the diet should consist of granulated food especially for rabbits, which you will supplement with servings of fresh vegetables, sporadic pieces of fruit and lots of water. However, if it has happened to you that your rabbit has begun to reject this food and, therefore, you have wondered if rabbits can eat bread, we recommend that you consult the following article: "My rabbit does not eat hay ".

Keep in mind which foods, even fresh, are beneficial for the animal and which are harmful, in addition to observing the reactions of its body after having ingested a specific ingredient. To do this, do not miss our article on the recommended fruits and vegetables for rabbits.

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