The 5 tricks to be first in Google that you have never been told

Organic positioning or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows us to be among the first in Google results and, therefore, gives us a huge push to dramatically increase the traffic we receive on our website (organic traffic) and sales from our products (in case we have an online store).

Although the Online Marketing sector is still young and full of possibilities, the art of SEO is one of its oldest known disciplines. We could say that SEO no longer awaits secrets, that the thousands of articles on SEO that exist and the numerous SEO influencers in Barcelona and other Spanish cities have already told us everything in their long lectures on web positioning.


Well no! We would be lying, there are still tricks, tricks, tricks and tricks that have not yet been revealed to us. But don't worry, today we reveal them to you. Now you too can be in first position.

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  • 5 secret and very effective SEO tricks that you did not know

5 secret and very effective SEO tricks that you did not know

Why are there SEO tricks that have yet to be revealed to the masses? Very simple, the fewer people know and benefit from these tips, the more opportunity they have to use them for their own benefit only. But that is over, we are going to tell you everything, because you also deserve the best SEO positioning for your website.

We started!

1 # Avoid Pogo Sticking and Bounce Rate with Relevant and Useful Content

The so-called Pogo Sticking refers to those situations in which a user enters from the same Google results list to several websites. The user enters the first one, exits it with the button "back " of the browser and then enters the other. That is why it is said that it goes "jumping between webs "

Google is not stupid, and when it sees that a user leaves your website immediately after entering (Increase the bounce rate) and returns to the results to enter another website (Pogo Sticking) it deduces that your page is not relevant to the user and, therefore, lower your positions for that specific keyword.

The trick? Solve the user's search intent, give them what they want, don't save the most relevant information for last. A web page is like a box of cookies, you have to give the user, cookie by cookie, the information they are looking for, so that they feel satisfied and continue reading your post until the end.

2 # Improve your SEO titles and meta descriptions to increase CTR

Not only your content has to be attractive and of quality. No matter how good your post and the content you offer within it, we are human, and we like to judge books by the cover. If your SEO title and description are boring and unattractive, the user will not enter your page when they see the Google results

The trick? Create attractive and charismatic SEO titles and descriptions. Arouse the curiosity of the user, call him to action so that he enters your page. If within your content you offer something unique or different than the rest, say so clearly in the Title. In this way, the CTR of that page will increase like foam and you will show Google that you are always the first option that the user chooses, so your positioning will be rewarded.

3 # Video is your best SEO friend

We are already entering the second decade of the 21st century, what Internet users consume the most is visual content. And video is always king. Adding videos to your website and even having your own YouTube channel to upload content related to your niche will bring you hundreds of advantages.

The trick? Add YouTube videos to your content to increase the user's session time on your website. With the videos you will also reinforce the textual content of your post and you will generate branding, authority and a lot of trust among your users. In addition, the videos position very well by themselves and can give you the hand you need to reach the first positions (especially for those more informational searches where videos are the most requested response by users)

4 # Update old content of your blog

Updating old content on your website is a very easy and effective way to boost your rankings. But not only is it enough to update 4 little things of the post, but it is necessary to update it completely, dedicating a special pampering to it (as if it were a new article). Update those parts that have become outdated or add fresh information to improve the experience of your users.

The trick? Analyze the current positioning of your articles (Using a keyword monitoring tool such as Semrush, Ahref or even Google Search Console itself) and look for those articles that are on the second page and have little left to reach the top 10, give them a breath of fresh air and a little more content, go to the first page and you will see how your organic traffic takes off.

5 # Add internal links in posts with a lot of traffic

This trick is very simple but very, very fruitful. You only need to go to your Google Analytics account to see which are the posts on your website with the most traffic. In them, we will add internal links to the posts that currently have little traffic but we want to position them better in Google.

The trick? Add a prominent table at the beginning of your post, after the introductory paragraphs, and recommend in it some articles that you want to position, with this you will increase the number of page views per user, bring traffic to more articles and you will give rich authority from one to another.

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And these are the 5 best SEO tricks that surely they had never told you before, why not? Well now is your time to put them into practice, you can discover with your own eyes the miracles that these 5 simple but decisive tricks can work to position yourself as a champion in Google. Ahead!

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