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Many are those who wonder if they are really offering their furry companion a I think of quality, and it is that food is always the basis to ensure proper physical and mental development. Especially if you have noticed that your dog's hair is dry or dull, that he has lost weight or, on the contrary, has gained more than necessary, or completely rejects the food that you have been offering him up to now, he has arrived time to change.

Choosing a quality dog ​​food is not an easy task, since a series of tips and nutritional data must be taken into account to offer the animal a product that really suits its needs. To make your task easier, from Miscota we share in AnimalWised the 15 best dog foods on the market, detailing all the benefits they can offer our best furry friends.

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  1. What to take into account when selecting the best dog food?
  2. Royal canin
  3. Pro Plan
  4. Hill 's
  5. Eukanuba
  6. Acana
  7. Taste of the Wild
  8. True instinct

What to take into account when selecting the best dog food?

When selecting the feed that we are going to provide our dog we must take into account, mainly, its age. This is so because industrial balanced feeds are classified based on the age of the animal, offering food for junior dogs (puppies), food for adult dogs and food for senior dogs (elderly). ¿When a dog goes from junior to adult and then to senior?

  • The food for junior dogs, in general, is intended for puppies from 2 to 12-15 months, depending on their adult size.
  • The adult dog food is for dogs that are 1 to 8 years old.
  • The senior dog food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs over 8 years of age.

In addition to the age of the animal, we will take into account your adult size, since there are also feed for small, medium, large and giant dogs, adapted to the needs of each one.

Once the range of feed for dogs that fits the age and size of our furry companion has been detected, ¿how to choose between one or the other brand? This is when it comes into play the quality of the food, since we must offer the animal a complete one, capable of covering all its needs. In this sense, although each feed tends to offer certain properties, to be considered of quality it must present the following characteristics:

  • Since the dog is a carnivorous animal, the feed must contain around the 25% protein, provided through meat or fish.
  • I think for puppies must offer, at least, 20% fat for its correct development. In the case of adults and seniors, fats should occupy 8-10% of its composition.
  • Ideally, it should not contain cereals, since they alter blood sugar levels and increase the dog's chances of suffering from obesity. In case of carrying, it must be in minimum quantities, always lower than the percentage of proteins.
  • The fewer ingredients present in the feed, the better, since the dog's stomach is not prepared to digest such a variety of food at the same time..

Regarding the last point, more and more brands of dog food are betting on the manufacture of foods based on a single protein source. This type of feed is known as monoproteic, so they have only one type of meat or only one type of fish. On the other hand, the use of natural and fresh food will always provide the dog food with an extra quality that your body and, in general, your health, will appreciate. Likewise, all those who indicate that they are suitable for human consumption, guarantee that they comply with health requirements..

Royal canin

Royal Canin is one of the most popular brands of feed for dogs, cats and other animals in Spain and other countries due to its long history, and it is that they have been feeding pets since 1967. The company has a large team of veterinarians and nutritionists who ensure the manufacture of balanced foods that meet all the needs of the animals. For them, the concepts "nutrition " and "health " go hand in hand and, therefore, have a very complete range of products. Among all of them, from Miscota, we highlight the following as the best dog foods in Spain and other countries in the world:

X-Small, for all ages

You can buy Royal Canin's X-Small feed to cover the nutritional needs of all toy dog ​​breeds that do not exceed 4 kg of adult weight, such as Chihuahua, Prague mouse or Yorkshire toy. This is so thanks to its contribution of highly digestible proteins and lipids. Likewise, this feed has the right amount of fiber that these dogs need due to their notable tendency to suffer constipation, which is why it considerably favors the intestinal tract of the animal. On the other hand, the calcium chelating agents that make up the food, the shape and size of the kibbles help reduce the formation of tartar, one of the most common dental problems in small dogs..

Although the nutritional properties are excellent, the advantages of this food for small dogs do not end there. Being enriched with EPA and DHA, two types of omega 3 fatty acids, the animal's coat is also favored and helps maintain skin health.

Mini / Medium / Maxi / Giant Adult

This range of feed for dogs offers balanced food based on the size of the animal. In this way, it has a type of food for small dogs (not toy), such as the dachshund or the pug, medium, such as the English cocker spaniel or the standard schnauzer, large, such as the Weimaraner or the American akita, and giants, such as the Great Dane or the Saint Bernard. All of them have the same nutritional properties as the previous X-Small, with the difference that this is only for adult dogs. On the other hand, each type of feed has croquettes designed for each type of jaw, so that adapt to the size of the dog, improving chewing and, therefore, promoting digestion. Remember that you can find all the varieties of Royal Canin feed in Miscota.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the Royal Canin Giant Adult includes in its composition an ostoarticular support designed to keep the bones and joints of these dogs in perfect condition. Being larger, it is not surprising that over time their joints suffer and degenerate, so opting for feed like this, which helps reduce the damage caused by age, is always a success.

Mini / Medium Light Weight Care

Finally, we recommend buying the Light Weight Care for small and medium dogs for its excellent results in dogs that are obese or prone to it. This balanced food provides a lower amount of fat and a higher percentage of protein, which helps to work on muscle mass and reduce accumulated fat. In addition, it is rich in L-Carnitine, responsible for transporting lipids (fatty acids) to transform them into energy.

Pro Plan

Pro Plan is part of the Purina team, with more than 80 years of experience in the animal feed sector. It was created with the aim of working on a new range of feed that would allow them to implement their latest research in terms of improving the immunity of puppies and the nutrition of adults, with higher quality ingredients.

Within its new range of foods we highlight its I think for dogs Duo Delice Adult as one of the most recommended. It has two different types of croquettes, semi-humid and dry, this being one of its main characteristics. By offering the animal several textures, the food is much more palatable, so it is highly recommended for those dogs that quickly get bored with the feed and stop eating it. On the other hand, this range of feed is committed to the introduction of a single type of protein combined with rice, so that it also favors the digestion of the animal. In this sense, we can buy the Duo Delice Adult chicken or salmon feed.

Hill 's

Hill 's Pet Nutrition is another of the leading brands of dog food on the market, having also been in the market for more than 80 years and offering products formulated by specialized veterinarians. Within its wide range of products, we highlight two different foods above the rest:

SP Canine Adult with chicken

This I think is suitable for all breeds of dogs, regardless of their size, since it is a wet food It is sold in cans. Hill 's SP Canine Adult has important antioxidant properties, essential to prevent the oxidation of the animal's cells and thus promote its immune system. Likewise, it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and the protein contribution provided by the chicken helps to maintain muscle mass and offer the energy that the dog needs..

As it is a wet food, we do not recommend basing your entire diet on it, but we do recommend using it as a supplement, using it to alternate dry feed or even mixing it with it to enhance the smell of the food and make it more palatable.

Adult Advanced Fitness for Large Breeds

Since large breeds tend to suffer from joint and bone problems over the years, choosing specific feed for them is a guarantee of a full, happy and long life. In this sense, Hill 's Adult Advanced Fitness for Large Breeds is enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin, supplements that promote joint health and strengthen cartilage. We can buy it with chicken flavor, this protein occupying 20% ​​of its composition.


Eukanuba was founded in 1969. During its creation, the founder wanted to give his brand a name that summed up the quality that he planned to offer and, therefore, opted for "eukanuba ", which means nothing other than "what better". In this way, this animal feed company uses, as they themselves indicate, ingredients of superior quality, being the main source of their feed for dogs the protein of animal origin.

Although they have a wide range of products, which also include foods for specific diets, such as those required by sterilized dogs or those suffering from digestion problems, from Miscota we want to highlight the best of a general scope:

Adult Maintenance for large breeds

We highlight the Eukanuba Adult Maintenance as one of the best feed for large dogs that we can find in Miscota because of the type of kibble it offers. This food uses the so-called "3D DentaDefense technology "in the manufacture of the balls, which favors the dental health of the animal by helping to clean its teeth with each bite and reducing the formation of bacterial plaque by up to 80%. On the other hand, it is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids , so that it also helps the dog look shiny coat and enjoy healthy, soft and smooth skin.

Adult Salmon and Rice for all breeds

As it is a feed for dogs made with salmon, it provides the animal with a high percentage of omega 3 and 6, so we can buy it for those dogs that have a dry skin or a dull coat, regardless of breed or size. Likewise, as it is a food that uses a single source of animal protein, instead of several, it is more easily digested by the dog..


Acana is one of the best brands of dog food in Spain, and many other countries in Europe, for two main reasons: does not use cereals and uses fresh meat and fish, sustainably raised on local farms. In this way, the quality of your food is more than assured. Of course, having such a careful production process, its cost is somewhat higher than the rest of canine feed. Likewise, all the products manufactured by this brand are fit for human consumption, another fact that guarantees their quality.

Although the entire range of Acana feed is an excellent option to feed our furry companions, from Miscota we have wanted to highlight the following products, designed for all breeds:

Wild Prairie Harvest

This I think for dogs has 60% fresh chicken, an amount that provides 31% protein to the animal. As we mentioned, the chicken used for the preparation of this balanced food has been raised in local farms in a totally sustainable and free way. However, this is not the only protein source found in Acana's Wild Prairie Harvest feed, as it also includes fresh eggs, fresh fish, and turkey meat. On the other hand, in its composition we also observe the presence of fruits such as apple, with highly beneficial digestive properties for dogs, and vegetables such as pumpkin, rich in fiber. Thus, we can affirm that this product helps to regulate the weight of the dog and has the capacity to cover all its nutritional needs.


Like the previous feed, Acana Ranchlands is a grain-free product, so it is an easily digestible food. It is comprised of Angus beef, mink and lamb, all raised on local Alberta ranches, plus fresh fish. In this way, it offers dogs a 60% meat and fish of quality, providing a high amount of omega 3 and thus promoting the health of the skin and hair. On the other hand, it adds fruits and vegetables to its composition that enhances the dog's immune system and stimulates metabolism..

Butternut Pumpkin and Pork

The Acana Butternut Pumpkin and Pork feed can be bought for those dogs with digestion problems or constipation, since it has an extra supply of fiber provided by the pumpkin and fruits such as apples. As with the foods above, the pork he incorporates into his recipe is fresh, sustainably raised on local Alberta farms. However, it presents a notable difference that, together with the properties already mentioned, has just guaranteed success when it comes to solving digestive setbacks, and that is that add freeze-dried pork liver. ¿What do you mean "lyophilized"? Very simple, lyophilization is a process that consists of cold dehydrating the protein, keeping all its nutritional properties intact and facilitating its subsequent digestion..

Taste of the Wild

As we discussed at the beginning, dogs are carnivorous animals that need to receive a large part of protein to maintain the health of their body in perfect condition. Taste of the Wild is aware of this fact and, therefore, is committed to feed for dogs and cats with quality meat and fish, with great nutritional contributions, as main ingredients. In this way, we find balanced foods rich in lamb, duck, turkey, venison, salmon and even bison, rare in other brands..

In addition to working on the production of quality feed, they offer roast meats that improve flavor and increase odor to stimulate the animal's appetite. Among all its products, we highlight the following as the best feed for dogs:

High Praire with Bison, Lamb and Venison

One of the main advantages of Taste of the Wild's High Praire is that it is grain free, and includes potatoes and peas to provide the dog with an extra dose of highly digestible energy. On the other hand, in addition to presenting roasted meats to enhance the flavor of the food, it is rich in natural antioxidants, so important to avoid the cellular oxidation of our best friend.

Containing bison, lamb and deer, this dog food offers 30% protein, somewhat above the recommended average. In this way, we can offer this food to any dog ​​breed that is in good health. In case of kidney problems, its consumption is not recommended, since excess protein would further damage the health of the kidneys.

Sierra Mountain with lamb

We highlight the Sierra Mountain Cordero feed from Taste of the Wild as another of the best for being monoprotein and do not bring cereals. As it only contains one type of protein, provided by roast lamb meat, the dog can digest the food much better. Likewise, this food is ideal for those dogs with an allergy or intolerance to other meats or fish..

On the other hand, this balanced food is presented in a wet format and includes probiotics in its composition to favor the intestinal flora, as well as natural antioxidants such as blueberries and raspberries, fruits highly recommended for dogs due to their high fiber and vitamin C content. it is suitable for all dog breeds and ages.

South Canyon with Ox and Wild Boar

This dog food too comes in wet format, so it is ideal for those dogs that tend to reject dry feed, have reached old age and cannot chew properly or need a supplement to gain some weight. In this sense, it is not advisable to base the entire diet of the animal on canned feed, since the fat intake is higher and, therefore, it could become obese.

The South Canyon also does not include cereals, so it could not be missing in this list of the best dog foods on the market. Likewise, it can also be purchased for all ages and canine breeds, it has quality roast meat to enhance the flavor of the food and occupies 29% of protein.

True instinct

True Instinct is another of the leading animal feed companies in Spain for using natural products. They work to develop feed for dogs and cats that promote natural nutrition, holistic and balanced with the intention of ensuring a correct development of the animals.

Although all their products are highly recommended, we recommend buying True Instinct Original, both for mini, medium, large and giant dogs, as one of the best. We can find this feed made with lamb or chicken, and always enriched with whole grains like brown rice, barley, and oats. Although this dog food does include cereals in its composition, it does not add soy, corn or wheat, which are the foods that tend to produce a greater degree of allergies and intolerances. In fact, both oats and barley and rice provide great benefits to dogs, as long as the meat occupies the highest percentage, as in this case. Among them, the amount of fiber and vitamins of group B stands out. In addition, especially oats, it favors the health of the animal's skin, keeping it soft, and strengthens the coat.

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