The 10 most famous cats in cinema, do you remember them?

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The cat is one of the animals that has lived with humans for the longest time. Perhaps because of this, it has appeared in countless stories, novels, films, and television series. For that reason, in this article, we are going to share with you names of famous Disney cats, from movies and their meaning..

So, if you are a lover of cats and the seventh art, in this AnimalWised post we review the most famous cats in cinema. ¡You can't miss them!

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  1. Garfield
  2. Isidore
  3. Mr Bigglesworth and Minnie Mr Bigglesworth
  4. The cat with boots
  5. Jones
  6. Church
  7. The Aristocats
  8. Cheshire's cat
  9. Azrael and Lucifer
  10. Cat

1. Garfield

Garfield, one of the best known feline characters, is a cat lazy and gluttonous, who loves lasagna and who hates Mondays. This plump kitten of the British sorthair breed lives in a typical American house, with his owner, Jon, and his other pet, Oddie, a good-natured dog as well as not very intelligent..

We got to see Garfield for the first time in the comics, although due to its popularity, two films in his honor, in which the protagonist is made by computer.

2. Isidore

In addition to the adventures of Garfield, the exploits of his hooligan version, the cat, were also made into a film. Isidore, that for those who do not remember him "he is great and he is the king of the city ".

The film was made a little longer than the one mentioned by Garfield, back in the 80s, and, as in the case of the previous feline, its first appearances were in the comics.

3. Mr. Bigglesworth and Minnie Mr. Bigglesworth

Like any self-respecting movie villain, Dr. Maligno (Austin Powers' bad guy), like his inseparable Mini-me, had two cats, of the sphinx race, called respectively Mr Bigglesworth and Mini Mrr Bigglesworth.

In certain versions these names have been translated by Baldomero and Mini-Baldomero.

4. Puss in Boots

One of the most recent and acclaimed appearances of this fairytale cat is in the movie screk 2, whose dubbing in Spanish was done by Antonio Banderas. His presence in the film was so celebrated that a film was made with the cat with boots as protagonist.

This feline was not the only animal in the movie Shrek that could speak, but there was also an ass capable of doing so, which sometimes abused this ability.

5. Jones

Your name may not sound familiar, but Jones is the name of the cat that appears in the alien movie, one of the most famous horror movies ever.

This feline, whom the protagonist, space lieutenant Ellen Ripley, affectionately refers to as Jonesy, stars in a moment of real tension, when Ripley sends a crew member in search of the animal, with the Alien prowling nearby. It also appears, albeit briefly, in the second part of Alien, titled Aliens: The Return.

6. Church

Without leaving the horror genre, perhaps the oldest of the place, as well as the most geeks, remember to Church, another british shorthair cat that appeared in the Pet Sematary movie (sometimes translated as "The Living Cemetery ").

Said cat died and was revived thanks to Indian magic, although when he came back to life his character was, let's say, somewhat less docile than when he was "really alive." The film in question is based on a novel by Stephen King, like any good eighties horror movie worth its salt.

7. The Aristocats

Radically changing gender, in this disney movie, A rich old French woman, decides to bequeath her fortune when she dies to her butler, on the condition that he take care of her cats Duchess, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse (hereinafter, the Aristocats), until their death.

Edgar, who was called the butler, and who from what is deduced from his later behavior was very wicked and rather not cunning, tries to get rid of the Aristocats using plans as original as putting them in a trunk and sending them to Timbuktu, no more, no less. As it is a children's film, and without the intention of incurring spoiler, It is easy to deduce that the aristocats have better fortune than the butler, and, in addition, they sing better.

8. The Cheshire Cat

The cheshire cat, appears in the tale of Alice in Wonderland, and is characterized by constant smile, by possessing the enviable ability to appear and disappear at will and by his taste for deep conversations.

The work Alice in Wonderland was written by an English mathematician and has been made into the cinema on numerous occasions and in the most varied ways, from silent films to adaptations made by Disney or Tim Burton.

9. Azrael and Lucifer

Not all cats in the movies act like heroes or show a kind character, on the other hand, there are some who acquire the role of villains or colleagues of the same. It is the case of Azrael, mascot of the evil Gargamel, scourge of the smurfs, and of Lucifer, the stepmother's black cat Cinderella.

In addition to having names that evoke evil beings, both have in common their interest in eating the protagonists or the protagonists' friends, since Azrael tries to devour the Smurfs and Lucifer wants with all his might to take the mice that they sympathize with. Cinderella for breakfast.

10. Cat

We finish this top 10 of the most famous cats in cinema with Cat, Audrey Hepburn's "nameless " companion in the movie Breakfast with Diamonds. According to the actress herself, recording the abandonment scene was one of the most unpleasant she had to do, since she was a great lover of animals..

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