The 10 most beautiful cats in the world

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The cats are lovely and admirable animals. In addition to their beauty and elegance, they are very cheerful and affectionate, despite the belief that they are very cold animals. In nature there are beautiful felines such as the cheetah or the jaguar, but no less important are the domestic cats. These are very good companions and, like dogs, they can become man's best friend.

There are many breeds of domestic cats, which differ in size, color, behavior, etc. Therefore, if you are thinking of adopting a cat and want to know more about them, in this AnimalWised article you will be able to read about some of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world.

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  1. Russian blue cat
  2. Abyssinian cat
  3. Siamese cat
  4. Bombay cat
  5. Egyptian mau
  6. Persian cat
  7. Bengal or bengali cat
  8. Maine-coon
  9. Munchkin cat
  10. Singapore cat

Russian blue cat

There are numerous hypotheses about the origin of this breed, however, the most accurate is the one that suggests its first appearance in Russia. After its discovery, the Russian blue cat was exported to other countries such as the United Kingdom or the United States of America, where they began to cross it with different breeds of cats..

The Russian blue cat is characterized by its short, smooth coat with blue-greyish colorations all over its body, which gives it great elegance. In addition, it has large and impressive eyes with green tones that make it even more charming..

Regarding its behavior, it is a very smart and loving, at the same time that Independent. This does not mean that it does not need the affection of its own, but like any feline, it will always need its space. It is appropriate to have on floors, surrounded by suitable games for cats, such as scratching posts, and their basic needs.

Abyssinian cat

There are some hypotheses about where the Abyssinian cat appeared, but the most accurate is the one that supports its origin in Ethiopia or ancient Abyssinia. Later, it spread to different countries around the world, including the United Kingdom.

It is a feline slim and slender, but with strong muscles, giving him great agility. It is characterized by its soft coat with brown tones, the large size of its eyes and the great width of its ears compared to its triangular head. In general, the appearance of the Abyssinian cat reminds of a wild cat, especially to the puma, so it is considered one of the most beautiful cats in the world.

Unlike most house cats, the Abyssinian cat is a more dependent animal. He loves to constantly receive the affection of all those around him and, with a Child behavior, will look for the game at all hours. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to it and avoid boredom moments..

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Siamese cat

The first Siamese cats appeared in present-day Thailand and were called thai cats. Later, they were exported to other countries where in recent years an attempt has been made to reinforce a series of characteristics, with the modern Siamese cat appearing.

These felines have a body slim and sleek with a very silky coat. They are generally white or cream-colored with the areas of the extremities, face and tail somewhat darker. Since it is a very pleasant and charming breed, it is not uncommon to see it participated in numerous Beauty contests.

In addition to being very close and loyal to their family, they are characterized by being very agile and active, so they need a lot of attention and play. However, there are always exceptions, there being more distrustful or fearful Siamese cats. Either way, they will always need the love of their own.

Bombay cat

The Bombay cat breed originated in 1976 in the United States of America, when breeder Nikki Horner wanted to create a domestic cat similar to a black panther. To do this, he carried out crosses between a Burmese cat and a short-haired black male, thus appearing for the first time the Bombay cat.

This beautiful feline is characterized by its appearance similar to a panther in miniature, which attracts the attention of many people. Apart from its shiny, jet-black fur, it has large and striking eyes with golden-brown tones and a very muscular body..

Like most domestic cats, this precious feline needs a lot of attention. However, the Bombay cat it demands a lot our love and care, so it is important not to leave him alone for a long time. Although it is somewhat lazy, it also stands out for its sociability and loyalty, making it perfect to have as a pet..

Egyptian mau

The origin of this breed of cat resides in ancient Egypt, where they were considered especially sacred and protected animals, hence their common name Egyptian mau or Egyptian cat. However, after its discovery, it spread to different countries, where it has been listed as a beautiful feline.

What characterizes the Egyptian mau is its coat, as it consists of a light coat with brown or gray tones on which numerous round dark spots, reminding us of a wild cat. In addition, its limbs are striking, since the rear ones are genetically longer than the previous ones..

Regarding its behavior, it is a cat very reserved and independent. However, this does not mean that he is affectionate and cheerful with those closest to him. For this reason, it is important to educate the Egyptian mau with patience and offer him toys so that little by little he gains confidence and feels comfortable with those around him..

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Persian cat

Another of the most beautiful and popular cats in the world is the Persian cat. Although the origin of the Persian cat is not very clear, everything indicates that it appeared in Iran, specifically in Persia. Later it was introduced in other countries such as Italy or Spain, where today it lives in many homes.

It is characterized by its abundant and long fur, which can be unicolor (black, white, gray, brown…) or mix of several colors. It is also known for its round and flattened face, its peculiarly wide legs and its huge round eyes.

This amazing feline is very peaceful and loving, so it is appropriate to have in a flat. It is not very active, but it will always require attention from people, as it is a very familiar cat and they also love children. If you want to adopt a calm and loyal companion, the Persian cat is ideal to have at home.

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Bengal or bengali cat

It is believed that the origin of this breed resides in the United States of America, where a domestic cat began to interbreed with a wild feline with the appearance of a leopard, resulting in the current Bengali cat.

What most characterizes this cat is its large size, which can exceed 8 kilograms, and its brindle coat that combines colors such as orange, gold, yellowish or cream. In addition, it has a rounded head with large yellowish and greenish eyes, giving it a special elegance to the feline.

If you are thinking of adopting a cat cheerful, sociable and playful, the Bengali cat is the ideal companion. It has a good behavior with children and other animals, but like any domestic animal, it is important to educate it from the beginning and take care of all its needs.

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This breed of cat first appeared in the state of Maine, America, predominantly in rural settings. Later, it spread throughout the world and today it is a wonderful companion animal.

It is characterized by being a cat of large size and long coat. Although it has abundant hair all over the body, it is thicker in the area of ​​the sides or the back of the body. As for their colors, these can be very varied, such as white or dark brown.

The maine-coon is very cheerful and energetic, so he loves to play with his relatives. Its friendly attitude makes it a good companion animal, so it will always appreciate the love and attention of its loved ones..

In addition to being one of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world, it is also one of the most popular giant cat breeds out there..

Munchkin cat

This breed, also known as "miniature cat "Or "short-legged cat ”, Was discovered in the United States of America as a result of a genetic mutation caused after the crossing of two cats of different breed.

What most characterizes the munchkin cat is its elongated body and its short limbs, reminding us of the morphology of a dachshund. However, this is not the only thing that makes this feline charming, as its little size and her bright eyes also convey great tenderness. Their fur can be practically any color.

As for the character of these cats, they are curious and very active, so it is appropriate to offer fun and avoid boredom. In addition to their great sociability, they show a lot of affection for their loved ones, being ideal for homes with children.

Singapore cat

Although it is not entirely clear what the origin of the singapore or singapore cat, As its name suggests, everything indicates that it appeared for the first time in the Asian country of Singapore several years ago.

Like the munchkin cat, it is a cat of little size, not exceeding 3 kilograms of weight normally. However, the Singapore cat has a better ratio of its legs to the length of the body, it usually has a coat with different shades of brown and it has a very small head.

It's about a cat cheerful and playful, but you also need your space on certain occasions, because not very dependent. It is important to offer him the necessary care and play, but without disturbing his tranquility since at many times of the day he usually finds himself resting.

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