The 10 highest jumping animals

All animals have special abilities, however there are animals that have extraordinary physical abilities that make them true athletes. Such is the case of the ability of some creatures to make high and long jumps that, for a moment, seem to be able to fly or float lightly in the air..

¿How do they do that? Although it is a simple matter that is given by thousands of years of evolution, adaptation and survival to new and unknown environments, it is still beautiful and amazing. Elastic, some with legs as long as summer days, strength and at the same time lightness, are just certain characteristics that they share the highest jumping animals in the world. ¡Not even an Olympic medalist can match them! Stay in AnimalWised and discover what they are, ¡you'll be surprised!

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  1. Impala, up to 4 meters tall
  2. Cercopidae, jumps 100 times its size
  3. Puma, can reach 5 meters in height
  4. Flea, jump to survive
  5. Dolphin, one of the best jumpers
  6. Tree frog, they jump 150 times their size
  7. Mountain goat, jump up to 40 meters from the cliff
  8. Rabbits, they need to jump to be happy
  9. Red kangaroo, moves by jumping
  10. Kangaroo rat, the most jumping rodent

Impala, up to 4 meters tall

Impalas are renowned for their incredible speed, in fact, although they are preyed upon by experienced predators such as lions, they are not that easy to hunt. These beautiful creatures are too fast for their wild captors, who get bored of chasing them and opt for other types of strategies. An impala can, in a single leap forward, travel up to 9 meters in length and vertically up to 4 m.

Cercopidae, jumps 100 times its size

Also known as spittlebug, this insect with peculiar looks, trying to outdo itself more and more, can jump up to 100 times its size. Although they are heavy to perform this feat, they use all their body strength in each jump, being one of the highest jumping animals in the world. ¡I can't even jump two meters and I try hard!

Puma, can reach 5 meters in height

The cougar has a great ability to run and jump. It is a strong and vigorous animal that can jump horizontally up to 12 meters, accompanied by 5 m of verticality. It reaches speeds of 80 km / h and has very powerful hind legs. Likewise, the cougar spends much of its time stretching its legs, as if preparing for a marathon every day..

Flea, jump to survive

The flea is an insect of the "flower bite " type, only in its case it is the insect that jumps and bites from skin to skin like a nomad. They love to hide in the fur of dogs, horses and cats, and although they are tiny, you can see them flying from one place to another. His catapult-style moves are performed because have a spring-type mechanism on their legs, that after holding the ground with its spines, this mechanism is released and makes them shoot off to their next destination. Although fleas constitute the nightmare of their hosts, because of this extraordinary quality they are part of the highest jumping animals in the world.

Dolphin, one of the best jumpers

It is a spectacle to see the dolphins fly through the air with that joy that characterizes them. Between one dive and another, an average dolphin can jump up to 7 meters out of the water. In the nature of this animal, there is the habit of constantly jumping, combining it with swimming under water. Dolphins jump for many reasons, to spot upcoming prey, save energy, communicate, or simply show they are happy. If you want to discover more curiosities about dolphins, ¡don't miss our article!

Tree frog, they jump 150 times their size

Frogs, especially of this type, are like rubber. They are very elastic and they have perfectly designed muscles to jump more than 150 times their own height. They always have their hind legs fully flexed and when it comes time to jump, they use all their strength to fully stretch them for a great boost..

Mountain goat, jump up to 40 meters from the cliff

¡How they enjoy jumping between one dangerous rock and another! Mountain goats are heavy animals but with great agility and strength. They can jump up to 40 meters down the cliff, and horizontally they can jump up to almost 4 meters in one giant step. These animals that jump the most in the world can withstand such long distances, in a single jump and without hurting themselves, because they have special concave and totally ergonomic pads that cushion the fall, reduce damage and relieve pressure on their legs..

Rabbits, they need to jump to be happy

Many people who keep rabbits as pets and keep them in cages or enclosed spaces, do not know that rabbits are animals that love to jump and that express joy through jumping. In the ideal world outside of cages, these adorable creatures jump to search for food, to escape predators and are specialists in deflecting obstacles. Some rabbits can jump up to 1.5 meters high and do 3-meter horizontal jumps. If you enjoy the company of one of these rodents, check out our article on basic care for rabbits and offer them the best quality of life.

Red kangaroo, moves by jumping

¿And how to forget the famous kangaroo? These creatures have been created to experience jumping as a form of movement, rather than walking or being expert runners. The Kangaroos can jump at a speed of 60 km / h and pass, without any effort, obstacles 3 meters high. These marsupials use their tail as a fifth leg that helps them move forward with greater strength and speed..

Kangaroo rat, the most jumping rodent

These rodents are called kangaroo due to their long hind legs, made for the art of jumping, and which allow them to propel themselves quickly with each jump. At all the opportunities they have to get off the ground, kangaroo rats can exceed their body length about 28 times and are the most bouncy rodents of all. In this way, in addition to being the most beautiful rodents of the whole family, kangaroo rats are part of the list of animals that jump highest in the world.

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