The last thing to relax is Doga, yoga with your pet

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What is DOGA ?

The word Doga comes from the union of the words Dog and Yoga that refer to the practice of Yoga with our favorite friends.

Through different acts such as the meditation, the massages or the stretching, Those of us who practice Doga seek to achieve a positive attachment and greater harmony with their favorite friends, dogs, although it can also be practiced with other pets such as cats, rabbits, etc.


Yoga is a physical discipline that helps keep the body and mind relaxed and in balance, and to do it we must find a comfortable, quiet and spacious place where we can carry out the exercises correctly. How do you stay if I tell you that you can also do yoga with your pet?

Some people do not have the possibility of meeting all the necessary requirements to practice yoga: they have the mat, comfortable clothes, time, space


And animals. 

Having pets is no longer an impediment to continue with your yoga practice. We have been very impressed by this video where they teach you how to make yoga with your pet. You can see that they love it! Do you dare to try?

This woman has already named the new yoga techniques with your pet. Doga is the new trend, which unites yoga, dogs and humans.

The most popular poses of the Doga are:

1. Chaturanga - Your dog has to be on his stomach, while you stroke his back.
2. Chair - In this pose your dog has to sit on its hind legs and lift its front legs into the air..
3. Savasana - It should be on her back, while you caress her exposed belly
4. Heart-Dog Mudra - In this position you must put one hand on your heart and one hand on your dog's heart, close your eyes and breathe deeply.
5. Connection and support - Your dog has to lie on his stomach with his front legs extended. You should kneel behind him and place your head on his back, while stretching your arms together with his legs forward..

What are the benefits of Doga?

The Doga benefits there are many, both for our dog and for us. The practice of this exercise will help strengthen emotional ties with our  pets. It can become the perfect game to spend more moments with our dog or pet.

We tell you the main benefits of Doga:

  • Of great help in injured dogs or mistreated to help them recover.
  • It is very useful in dogs with obesity problems or old dogs.
  • Is relaxing for both owners and dogs.
  • Allows muscles to free themselves from accumulated tensions.
  • Help build a stronger bond between the animal and its friend.
  • Lets teach dogs to control your impulses.
  • It allows disconnect and relax with our daily routine pet.

Definitely, we will enjoy the company of our dog, we will laugh and feel a little happier.

As you can see, it is not only possible to do yoga with your pet, but it is also recommended for both of you. We have already given you all the information, so have a good time doing yoga with your pet! We assure you that you will end up relaxed and your pet more than happy.

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