Believe it or not, this choir is capable of singing a storm

Usually, we allow ourselves to be intoxicated by the sound of musical instruments, forgetting the power and harmony that the human voice and our body possess. Therefore, today we want to share with you the extraordinary performance of the Angel City vocal choir from the city of Los Angeles..

This famous vocal group is capable of interpreting all kinds of styles and musical pieces, being one of its most famous representations: "Africa " of the American softrock band of the 80s, Toto.

Although I can assure you that his performance is extraordinary, I want to dwell on his awesome musical prologue. Using only their hands and body, the vocal group is able to recreate the sound of a delicate rain that goes in crescendo until it becomes an intense storm. Afterwards, voices and percussion fill the auditorium.

It is worth putting on your helmets and closing your eyes to travel to Africa and let yourself be enveloped by its wonderful melody. Enjoy it.

Source: Africa - Angel City Chorale

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