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The history of dog breeds has been marked by the will of man, which has experimented with genetics and physical attributes insistently, until obtaining the more than 300 standardized canine breeds that we know today. Whether or not we are in favor of the selective breeding of dogs, the truth is that currently we can find extremely popular breeds and crosses, either due to their physical appearance or capabilities..

If you are looking to know large, small or rare dog crosses, then in this list of dog crossbreeds from AnimalWised we will show you 12 hybrids that you cannot miss. ¡Discover them all!

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  1. Dog mixes and their results
  2. American bully
  3. Frenchie pug
  4. Goldendoodle
  5. Labradoodle
  6. Peagle
  7. Peekapoo
  8. Puggle
  9. Shorkie tzu
  10. Yoranian
  11. Yorkiepoo
  12. Zuchon
  13. Dangerous dog crossbreeds

Dog mixes and their results

¿Have you ever wondered how dog crossbreeds really work? A priori we can imagine mixtures of dogs that result in an idealized specimen. A simple process that will unite the desired attributes of two races. Nevertheless, the reality is a little different.

When mixing dogs are carried out by specialists, certain attributes (physical or behavioral) are looked for and for this, two breeds are selected that may be relatively compatible with each other. Some of the requirements may be:

  • Similar physical size
  • Positive physical and mental health status
  • Ancestors without genetic problems

However, the genetic selection of dogs can culminate with beautiful and harmonious results, while in other cases it can lead to the birth of dogs with malformations or totally undesirable characteristics. These results are often common when crossbreeding between dogs is carried out by inexperienced people. We must also remember that the breeding and sale of dogs between individuals in Spain is illegal.

Now that you know a little about how this process works, discover the list of the most popular crossbreeds of dogs:

1. American Bully

The origin of this breed is American. It appears as a mix between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier with distant relatives such as the English Bulldog and the American Staffordshire Terrier. For the creation of this breed a muscular and strong dog with a kind, loving and faithful character. It has been very well received in various countries due to the social qualities it possesses.

2. Frenchie Pug

Crossing the French bullgog and pug or pug, this new breed was obtained in France, characterized by its pointed ears. It is a watchdog, loyal, social and cheerful.

3. Goldendoodle

Crossing the golden retriever with the poodle or poodle a canid with North American and Australian origins has been obtained. The combination of these two nationalities is curious due to the bond and the history that the men who inhabit them share. These two incredible races mix to continue the bond of blood that man began in these two continents so far apart. They were created looking for the perfect combination for a guide dog. They also make excellent family pets..

4. Labradoodle

Of British origin, it has as parents the Labrador retriever and the medium or miniature poodle. This mongrel dog began to be used as a guide, assistance and therapeutic dog. In addition to having the quality of being hypoallergenic. They are not considered a breed in and of themselves by any organization although they are popular and highly sought after for their qualities..

5. Peagle

Also known as Peagle Hound, it is a cross between a Beagle and a Pekingese, very sociable, confident, playful and intelligent. It is the ideal pet to have in the family and let the little ones interact with it without any problem..

6. Peekapoo

There is little information about this new breed, the little that is known is that it comes from the cross between a poodle and a Pekingese. They are small, furry and sometimes a little grumpy. Even so, it is a very affectionate breed and attached to the owner's warmth and can even be considered overprotective.

7. Puggle

The mix between beagle and pug from the United States and results in this new breed of dog born in the state of Wisconsin. It is popular for being a dog very funny and pretty. In general, he shows very good social behaviors both with children and with other dogs. It is a great companion of the family although a little resistant to training.

8. Shorkie Tzu

Famous in the United States, this friendly mix of shih tzu and yorkshire terrier is also known as Yorki Tzu. It has a silky and straight coat of hair, the other physical characteristics such as color, physical structure or personality can vary (being a mestizo) acquiring genes from the father or mother to a greater or lesser extent.

They can be very colorful and generally tend to show attitudes sociable, affectionate and affectionate. It is a good and intelligent pet dog that can be educated with ease..

9. Yoranian

Crossing a Pomeranian with a Yorkshire Terrier is born this new breed also of American origin. It is a playful and affectionate dog, and it also gets along very well with children. This result of the Pomeranian crossing shows us a totally different specimen than expected.

10. Yorkiepoo

Also called Yorkapoo or Yoodle, it is another breed that starts in the United States. Obtained from the cross between a yorkshire terrier and a poodle (toy). It is a cheerful dog, which needs to be stimulated socially and intellectually. They adapt to small apartments without problem and it is also a good playmate. They have a tendency to bark when distressed or alone.

11. Zuchon

Also known as Sichon it arose from the cross between bichon frize and shih tzu. They are popular for their bear-like appearance. Teddy and therefore you will need hair care. They have a somewhat stubborn personality but with the right training it can be tempered. They need care and do not accept being alone for long periods of time. The origin of the breeding of this breed is also American.

Dangerous dog crossbreeds

Now you know of some large dog crossbreeds and small dog crossbreeds, but remember, there are some dog crossbreeds that are really dangerous and should not be intentionally valued by owners. We speak for example of the crossing of two dogs of very different sizes, which can cause major abnormalities in the fetuses and also affect the mother causing problems in childbirth.

The cross between dogs is an option that more and more people value, due to the large number of genetic diseases that affect purebred dogs. However, if the genetic line of the parents of breeding dogs is not properly assessed, the same can happen..

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