They give you an envelope with the best gift in the world

It is not easy to give away. It involves knowing the person, thinking for a long time, evaluating and deciding. A long process that can achieve the most absolute happiness when we get it right. Especially if it is a gift like this.

When you hit the gift, happiness is not only for the person who receives it, but also for the person who gives it. And in this story, happiness belongs to both, the best gift in the world for them is in the form of paper.

This father received an envelope from his daughter. The best gift of your life is something so exciting that, of course, it is not material. Every parent in the world in your situation would want something like that. Especially if you receive it on top as a birthday gift; this man will never forget that day.

The girl gives her father a gift that is none other than the desired adoption papers. At last you will be able to officially adopt your daughter for so long, he will finally carry his last name.

This father and daughter show that a family is always formed from love. It doesn't matter who you are or what the situation is, your family is who is with you.

Do not miss the emotional video of the moment in which this father becomes the happiest man in the world.

Source: Jay Pages

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