The best brands of feed for Spanish dogs

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Choosing a good food for our dog is essential to cover all its nutritional needs. But, given the huge variety of options, it is not an easy task. To help you in the selection, in this AnimalWised article we are going to introduce you the best brands of feed for Spanish dogs. They are not all that they are, but all that we include meet the quality criteria that we look for in a feed. The order does not correspond to a better or worse evaluation, since we recommend all of them due to their composition.

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  1. Lenda
  2. NFNatcane
  3. blue Wolf
  4. Ownat
  5. Natural Greatness
  6. Dibaq
  7. Dingonatura
  8. Alpha Spirit
  9. Gosbi
  10. IT WAS
  11. KOME
  12. Keys to choosing the best feed


We begin this list of Spanish dog food brands with a company located in Galicia: Lenda. Their food is prepared with natural ingredients and offers different varieties that adjust to different conditions that dogs may present..

It stands out because the raw material it uses, of proximity, is suitable for human consumption, which gives us an idea of ​​its quality. Of course, they do not use GMOs or colorants, preservatives, flavorings or flavor enhancers. It has three ranges called Original, Nature and Grain free. In them you will find options for puppies of different sizes, adults, senior dogs or dogs with a disorder such as overweight, food allergies or mobility problems in the joints..

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NFNatcane is another of the brands of feed for Spanish dogs that stand out for their quality and for the important offer in terms of options, since they sell feed for puppies, seniors, specimens with digestive problems such as food intolerances, overweight, large breeds or small, etc. This makes it easier to find the option that best suits the characteristics of each animal..

Get highly digestible feed, with maximum use of nutrients, without losing palatability and using only natural ingredients. They do not add artificial colors or preservatives. What's more, their prices are very competitive Due to the fact that it sells directly, without intermediaries, a fact that allows it to offer a cheaper product without damaging its quality.

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blue Wolf

Lobo Azul is another of the best Spanish dog food brands that make their products only with 100% natural quality raw materials, as supported by the fact that they are suitable for human consumption. They have varieties with meat or fish, which are the central part of the composition.

The method of preparing the feed stands out, since the process it is done at a moderate temperature, which guarantees the maintenance of the nutritional value of the food, as well as its palatability and digestibility, which is the property that allows a good use of the nutrients. You will see it because the amount and size of the stools will be reduced.

It does not use artificial preservatives and you will find options for all types of dogs, sizes and life stages. Also for those who have a specific need, such as excess weight or, on the contrary, a high level of energy, it has specific ranges of feed.



In Ownat you will also find natural and quality ingredients, of proximity, from trusted suppliers and controlled from their source. It uses both fresh meat and fish and dispenses with artificial colors, preservatives and additives. On the contrary, they work with natural preservatives. Use the whole pieces, with muscles, bones, cartilage and skin, but not feathers or beaks or legs.

In addition, its production process stands out, which is called slow cooking, and what differentiates Ownat from other brands of dog food. This cooking involves a slow speed and low temperature, which allows to conserve nutrients and increase digestibility. This means that the dog will take better advantage of what it eats and, therefore, the volume of stool will be reduced. It offers different varieties to cover the needs of all types of specimens.

Natural Greatness

Natural Greatness is the Spanish dog food brand that aims to recreate in their recipes the diet they followed in nature the ancestors of dogs. How could it be otherwise, it uses only natural ingredients, does not add artificial additives and its raw materials are of the highest quality, without GMOs. Plus, they are cruelty free. It also does not include cereals or ingredients that can cause allergies..

Their products contain nothing but fresh meats suitable for human consumption, fish, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to a natural cooking process, digestibility and palatability are achieved, which are the keys to these recipes. It is a suitable diet for all types of dogs, regardless of breed or age.


Within the Dibaq brand we will find several ranges made from fresh meat, which provides high-quality nutrients and a high percentage of proteins, essential for the correct nutrition of the dog. It also offers grain-free varieties. It does not include transgenics and selects and controls the raw materials with which it works, which are subjected to its own cooking systems to obtain the best final result.

Their recipes seek the best digestibility, without losing sight of the flavor, offering highly palatable foods. Protein of animal origin, a fundamental component of its products, is accompanied by nutraceutical ingredients, which means that they have properties that contribute not only to nutrition, but also to health. As an example, in this Spanish dog food brand we find specific options for dogs affected by parasites or tumors..



Since 2001 we have Dingonatura as another of the best brands of feed for Spanish dogs due to its composition. Its philosophy is based on a careful selection of raw materials, which allows working with high-quality ingredients of known provenance, which are also subjected to external laboratory analysis. Are local products, organic farming and sustainable fishing. They do not use GMOs, hormones, hydrogenated fats or artificial additives.

His idea is that food is synonymous with health. They consider it possible to apply the proven benefits of the Mediterranean diet to canine nutrition based on what the dog and its ancestors would eat in nature, but adapted to its current condition as a domestic animal and without losing sight of the importance of taste. The name of the brand alludes to this feature..

To achieve this, they have an innovative manufacturing system of their own that they call ECO-cooked, steamed and simmered, using liquefied natural gas, a sustainable energy source. In this way they preserve the nutrients and flavor. They do not experiment with animals and the packaging of the feed maintains its philosophy of being recyclable and coming from certified controlled felling forests. They offer feeding options for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.

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Alpha Spirit

This Spanish dog food brand focuses its philosophy on providing a natural and wild diet that goes back to the origins of the dog. Search for the highest nutritional quality, using ingredients fit for human consumption. With this objective, it applies a unique production system, Tenderize Technologie, consisting of a cold maceration, pre-digestion and dehydration in its own juices. The ingredients are not subjected to high temperatures and their cooking is similar to that which would occur in any home. This process allows to preserve all the nutritional properties of the raw materials. Therefore, their feed they are not extruded.

The brand receives fresh meat and fish every day from local producers of the Spanish Mediterranean. It does not use meat flours. The percentage of meat that appears in the list of ingredients corresponds to the final amount present in the product.


Gosbi is included among the brands of feed for dogs manufactured in Spain and that make their products with 100% natural raw materials subjected to rigorous control and of high quality, which guarantees their nutritional value. Its cooking is done at low temperatures, precisely to preserve these nutrients. It does not use by-products or artificial preservatives. It is based on the Mediterranean diet and includes plants that provide beneficial effects for the dog's health.

The recipes are transparent and simple, based on meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes and olive oil, in addition to medicinal plants. The composition achieves high digestibility, which means that the stools will be smaller, as it produces less waste. They do not experiment on animals.



This Spanish dog food brand is so sure of the quality of its 100% natural food that returns the purchase money if the expected results are not obtained or the chosen product is not to the liking of the dog.

ERA is based on offering as the first ingredient fresh boneless chicken, duck or fish meat such as salmon, which guarantees a supply of proteins of high biological value, as well as great digestibility and palatability. The second ingredient, which is turkey, lamb or herring, is offered dehydrated.

It also uses brown rice as a source of carbohydrates, in addition to vegetables, fruits, and natural preservatives. Likewise, it includes beneficial ingredients for the care of the immune system thanks to naturally occurring antioxidants. Other benefits are located at the digestive level, with pre and probiotics, cardiovascular, joint, through glucosamine and chondroitin, and dental. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids contribute to good skin and hair care. On their website you can find scientific studies that support the benefits of each ingredient they use.



We finalize the list of the best Spanish feed for dogs with the KOME brand. This is a feed brand that also uses 100% natural ingredients and fit for human consumption to make all its products. In its composition we find high percentages of hydralized chicken meat, lamb, tuna, duck and other dehydrated proteins. Likewise, it includes fruits, vegetables and, in some of its ranges, brown rice.

An important fact to highlight in this brand is that donate 10% of your profits to animal associations, so that, by buying this feed, we are also helping these entities to continue doing their work.

Keys to choosing the best feed

After reviewing the Spanish brands of feed for dogs that we recommend the most, we review the most important aspects when selecting a good feed for our dog. They are as follows:

  • The chosen range has to adjust to the characteristics of the animal, That is, you have to take into account your age, whether or not you suffer from any disease, the activity you perform, etc..
  • To appreciate the benefits, respect the amounts recommended by the manufacturer, although, depending on the body condition of your dog, you may later have to adjust the ration by increasing or decreasing it..
  • Dogs have become used to eating everything, but they are carnivores. So, the first ingredient in the feed must be meat or fish. The more the provenance is specified, the better.
  • The manufacturing process of the feed usually involves a processing of the ingredients that causes them to lose their water, since it is what allows to obtain the dry food. Therefore, unless otherwise indicated, the percentage of a fresh added ingredient will be approximately half in the final product..
  • Lately the use of cereals has been compromised. It is true that dogs do not take advantage of them as well as meat, but, in their fair measure, they can be part of a quality feed.
  • In addition to animal protein we can find oils, fruits, vegetables, fatty acids, etc .; the more recognizable the better.
  • Lastly, it would be ideal do without artificial additives.

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