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Choosing a bed for our dog is quite an adventure. There are so many models available that it will be difficult for us to decide. In addition, we run the risk of being guided by aesthetics and forgetting aspects related to functionality, which are essential when maintaining and caring for the bed..

In this AnimalWised article we will help you decide between the best beds for dogs the one that best adapts to the needs of your partner, guaranteeing both comfort and hygiene.

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  1. Recommendations for choosing the best dog bed
  2. Small dog beds
  3. Medium dog beds
  4. Beds for large dogs
  5. Puppy Beds
  6. Beds for elderly dogs
  7. Dog beds for when it's hot
  8. Homemade dog bed
  9. Original dog beds

Recommendations for choosing the best dog bed

Better dog beds there are many, as there will be almost one for every dog. The best will always be the one that best suits the characteristics and needs of the dog. Even so, there are some general recommendations that we must consider to help us choose wisely. They are as follows:

  • Size: It seems obvious, but we do not always realize that the bed has to allow the dog to turn on itself, to curl up, but also to be able to stretch completely. Regardless of whether it is oval, rectangular or round, you must always make sure that they allow the dog to rest relaxed.
  • Thickness: the bed, in addition to providing a soft surface on which to rest, must mainly isolate the dog from the ground. This means that it cannot be very thin or sink so that the animal is in direct contact with the ground..
  • Hygiene: A perfect bed is useless if we cannot wash it easily. Ideally, you should have a cover that can be quickly removed using a zipper and machine washable, whether it is made with anti-mite, waterproof, cotton, polyester, canvas, etc. Some just need a damp cloth.

Small dog beds

As we have pointed out, the size of the dog is the first criterion to take into account when selecting the best bed. Small dogs still have more options, since some beds that are used for cats are also suitable for their dimensions. Thus, they can be very comfortable and sheltered in a igloo or flanged bed in which to enter and even serves a carrier, with a good cushion inside, like a burrow. A wicker basket can do the same service, as long as the dog does not chew on it.

This is another interesting aspect, since we can choose a complete fabric bed or a plastic one to which to add a cushion or soft and removable mattress to maintain its hygiene with ease. In addition, for small dogs there is usually more variety of furniture, with which they can be found designer beds that mimic sofas or human beds.

There are also beds for small convertible dogs, which can be arranged as a sofa, cushion or bed depending on how we place their components. Other beds contain a removable cushion and it must be ensured that both the cushion and the frame can be easily washed..

A raised bed above the ground may be a good idea, but you have to make sure that it is not too high so that the dog hurts himself when going down or it is difficult for him to climb. On the other hand, small dogs tend to tolerate the cold worse, so it is advisable to look for a warm padded bed or a fleece fabric or lamb type to avoid being cold in the worst months of the year. Do not miss this other article on How to know if your dog is cold to protect it.

Medium dog beds

In this type of dog it is important to take the measurements well, because we run the risk of opting for a bed that is too small or, on the contrary, too big. For this size there are usually no cave-type beds, but there are interesting options such as cushions, mats, plastic bases as cribs on which to put the bed or even beds similar to hammocks, which can be used for a break in the garden.

Many of these beds have raised edges that help protect the dog. Placing the bed outside is another option that does not usually occur in very small dogs, which usually always go to sleep indoors. If our dog is going to sleep outside, in addition to a comfortable bed sheltered from inclement weather, there are them designed for the outdoors. Of course, for these cases the dog must have a suitable kennel that completely isolates it.

In dogs with this weight it becomes very important look at the thickness to make sure the bed won't sag. We will find filled with foam or even with materials such as those that our mattresses are made, such as memory foam, that adapts to the shape of the dog. It is interesting to look at the bottom of the bed. As the dog perspires, some beds include a waterproof fabric so that it is in contact with the ground. So the dog stays dry.

Beds for large dogs

In large dogs, the best beds have to guarantee that they support their weight so that the animal does not touch the ground, in addition to covering their entire size. They are more expensive, but are worth investing in memory foam mats or even resort to mattresses for people, such as those used in baby cribs or small beds.

We will not find nest-type beds for these dogs, but they do not require a cover if they have good insulation from the ground, which is what will protect them from the cold. For these weights there are usually neither raised beds nor is it usually encouraged to get on sofas or beds due to their dimensions, hence the importance of extra protection from the ground. There are original beds for dogs of this size, but generally what we get is a structure so that we can later include the mattress taking into account the aforementioned characteristics..

Puppy Beds

In addition to following the guidelines mentioned according to the size of our puppy, which will change rapidly as it grows, it is important to bear in mind that these little ones they are great destroyers. Taking both data into account, it is not advisable to invest too much money in a bed that in a matter of weeks is going to be too small or that runs a high risk of being destroyed..

Therefore, for the first months of life, the best bed for puppies is usually a simple one. cardboard box with a cushion, a blanket or any thick and fluffy clothing that has become old. Once the explorer phase is over, it will be time to choose a good dog bed with the intention of lasting.

Beds for elderly dogs

These dogs are common to suffer from mobility problems or different chronic diseases. The bed not only has to be comfortable, but it must be low to make it easier for the dog to get in and out of it. Of course, if you love sleeping with us or on the couch, we can choose put a ramp on it.

On the other hand, to protect your joints and avoid pain, the most suitable material is the aforementioned memory foam. We can also use a mattress for people and we will even find orthopedic beds specially designed for dogs that can be ideal for older ones.

It is also essential to maintain hygiene. To do this, it is convenient to protect the bed with a waterproof cover, since some dogs suffer urine leakage. In this way, it can be washed in a simple way as many times as necessary. Buy several spare parts. Also, if this is the case, you can resort to soakers. There are specially designed for dogs.

Dog beds for when it's hot

When the thermometers rise, it is not uncommon for dogs to rest directly on the ground looking for coolness. For these cases, we will find dog beds with a warm and a refreshing side, so that they keep the dog comfortable in any season. There is also cooling mats They can be used on hottest days, especially if our dog has a hard time with high temperatures. They provide a cool surface and some models even contain a part with water to put in the freezer. In this way they keep the cold for hours.

Homemade dog bed

If you prefer to make the bed for your dog yourself, in this video we show you a simple way to make it. Of course, this is not one of the best beds for large dogs, rather it is indicated for small and medium dogs. For large dogs, you can choose to make a structure with wood and buy the mattress or do it at home by acquiring the foam and fabric. See this article for the latter case: "¿How to make a dog bed step by step? ":

Original dog beds

In the market you will find an infinity of original and beautiful dog beds. Some, as we have commented, simulate human beds, others are shaped like a hammock and others are made from pallets. In general, this type of dog bed tends to have a higher cost due to the difficulty that it may have had to make them, their originality and authenticity. Finding original and cheap dog beds is more complicated, so another totally valid option is to acquire a wicker basket and place a mattress inside fluffy and comfortable; the result will be a unique, beautiful and original bed.

If you choose one of these beds, remember that the best bed for dogs is the one that promotes their comfort and safety, so always prioritize this over aesthetics.

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