Butterflies, the undisputed queens of gardens

Moths, peacocks, sphinxes. They are called in many ways but in the end it is a single animal, the butterfly, those beautiful winged ones that are always hovering over the flowers and plants of the gardens and forests. They are present all over the planet, except in Antarctica and until now they are known about 150,000 species.

These insects are responsible for the flower pollination, so they are important within the planet's ecosystem. They have a very short life span, barely a year, but during that time they are capable of reproducing..

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Here, some facts about butterflies:

1.- When the male wants to mate, he performs an exhibition process in order to attract the female attention, who after fertilization, moves to a flower or plant, where it will lay several eggs that will be born later, in a few days.

The butterflies meet four phases of birth. It is born in the form of a caterpillar, to later transform into its final appearance, for this it must constantly feed on nectar and the other elements of the plant in which it lives. It grows very fast, so metamorphosis happens soon.

2.- The butterflies they can find in any place where plants, flowers abound, such as forests, savannas or fields. Generally, its favorite areas are tropical rainforests and lowland forests. They are also usually in the upper parts of the hills.

An interesting animal

3.- It has already been said that the The main food of butterflies is the nectar found in the flowers. Through a chewing system it processes roots, leaves, fruits, flowers and stems. They do this especially when they are in the caterpillar stage, when they need to eat enough to grow..

In many growing regions, butterflies are considered pests that must be eliminated to prevent them from eating the plantations..

The butterflies absorb pollen, fungi and any element present in flowers and plants. The initial stage is when butterflies have a more active life, as in adulthood, they eat very little to give priority to reproduction before they die.

4.- These insects They are characterized by having wonderful and varied colors, and even designs. In the world there are many species that have particular tones in their wings, which have tiny scales that sometimes, they expel and serve to defend themselves from other predatory animals.

5.- The butterflies They are animals with a endless species. One of the best known is Lycaenidae, the variety of which encompasses about six thousand types. They can be seen anywhere, especially during the day. They have very bright and attractive colors for the public that admires them.

At night too

6.- Just how many look butterflies during the day, morning and afternoon, at night there are also. They belong to the Family of Saturniidae and they are considered one of the most precious that is known. They have very striking designs on their wings, so they stand out even in the dark.

7.- Pieridae is one of the largest species that exists, thousands and thousands of types are known, the white and yellow ones being the most seen in gardens and open spaces. In this family is the call cabbage butterfly, whose scientific name is Pieris brassicae. They can generally be seen eating larvae on plants.

8.- And the species Hesperiidae, encompasses some very small butterflies. It is a group that passes three thousand worldwide. They do not usually have attractive colors, in fact, most are gray, they have large heads and a fat body. They also stand out for their long, curved antennae..

The butterflies are beautiful insects, valuable and important within the environment, so we must work to promote their protection. More and more species are emerging that are joining the almost seven thousand that exist.

You could say that they are all over the planet, with the exception of the Antarctica, which contributes to the fields, savannas, forests and gardens being pollinated thanks to the work that they carry out in the plantations. Their lives may be short, but they reproduce quickly.

Summary Article Name Butterflies, the undisputed queens of gardens Description The butterfly, those beautiful winged ones that always flutter over the flowers and plants of the gardens and forests. Author Natalia

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