Gummies are made from pork waste

If we saw the whole process that certain things that we consume take, we would not buy them. That of "eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel " is perfectly fulfilled. However, sometimes it is inevitable to ask what are we really eating?

Especially when the final product is of doubtful origin or appearance rather than strange. Crab sticks, jelly or candy for example. What is all that really?

If you know it, you may not consume it, if you are about to discover it you have to know that the truth can change your life completely, especially if you are scrupulous or you are vegetarian or vegan and you did not know this.

The candy and jelly beans are actually a paste made from animal by-products. Hooves, entrails and other wastes that are boiled and reduced to a kind of gelatinous paste that is shaped.

Although the presentation may be attractive, the reality is that everything that the meat industry throws away goes to our body as well.

It may seem exaggerated, especially after seeing the good looks they present in stores and supermarkets, but perhaps after knowing this truth we will stop consuming them.

Source: Zakariya Saleh

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