Do guinea pigs recognize their owners?

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Guinea pigs are part of our family and we want them to be happy and comfortable with us. Surely you have ever wondered if your guinea pig knows who you are and if it appreciates you. Like cats and dogs, guinea pigs are social animals and they get used to their tutors. Guinea pigs learn to live with us and also love us.

¿But how and how long do they take to get used to us? The little guinea pigs who arrived in Europe by boat from South America are very intelligent and you will be surprised by what they are able to learn in a short time. ¿Guinea pigs recognize their owners? Find out in this AnimalWised article.

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  1. Do guinea pigs recognize their guardians?
  2. How long does it take for a guinea pig to get used to its owner?
  3. Other tips for your guinea pig to trust you

Do guinea pigs recognize their guardians?

Guinea pigs, also known as guinea pigs, are very social rodents. They like to live in company with others of their kind and they love that we are at home with them. They want to see, smell and hear us, so yes, guinea pigs recognize their owners. But, ¿how do they do that? ¿How Guinea Pigs Recognize Their Guardians?

¿How Guinea Pigs Recognize Their Guardians?

The smell of guinea pigs is a thousand times stronger than that of humans, so they recognize us by our smell. If you want your guinea pig to get used to you and begin to recognize you, do not use perfume, creams, or wash your hands with soap before picking it up or feeding it.

¿How to get my guinea pig to recognize me?

Guinea pigs appreciate good food, like fresh dandelion leaves and greens. We can take advantage of this delicatessen so that they gain confidence and train them.

On the other hand, like other pets, guinea pigs will learn your routine little by little: when you wake up, when you are at home and when it is their time to eat.. ¡He will really get to know you! What if you treat her with respect and affection, giving him the time he needs, he will recognize you as his friend.

How long does it take for a guinea pig to get used to its owner?

Guinea pigs are animals that tend to run away when scared and are naturally nervous, so the time it takes to get used to their guardian will depend on several factors, and it may take between 1 and 2 months on average.

For your guinea pig to get used to you, the first thing is to prepare what will be his home and prepare a good means of transport.

Prepare his cage or enclosure

Before adopting your guinea pig, it is important to think about how to make the adjustment period as pleasant as possible for the new companion. We want avoid unnecessary stress for the guinea pig when it gets home. For this reason, we will find the right place for the enclosure and prepare it so that it is habitable before your arrival, as we explain in this other article about Preparing a guinea pig cage step by step..

The most stressful thing for the little friend would actually be if after the trip he has to spend so long in the small transport box while the cage is prepared. Also the food, the houses, hay and the drinker should already be in place to avoid putting your hand in the cage.

On the other hand, during the first days, guinea pigs they need a lot of tranquility, so we recommend you leave her alone in her cage or enclosure until she adjusts to her new home and sees that she is not in any danger.

Transportation home

Transport in the small box is very stressful for guinea pigs and it is normal for them to be afraid and nervous at first. It is highly recommended to choose a carrier instead of using a ridiculously tiny cardboard box. Ideally, the carrier should be large enough to make your trip as comfortable as possible. She should be able to roll over, lie down, sit up, and settle in. If it is a very long trip, a carrier gives you the possibility of providing food and water. Anyway, put hay on it to make a nest. If you go by car it is better not to put the house on it, since it would slide with braking maneuvers.

When it comes time to get home, it is best to put the box or the open carrier directly inside the pre-prepared enclosure and let her out when she decides. Meanwhile, we can observe it calmly but without making noise so that it does not panic. If you have adopted several guinea pigs, it is important that each one has its own little house.

At first they are restless about transportation and the unfamiliar environment, so after adopting it, they follow a adaptation period in which we will have to pay attention to some things so that it is easier for the little rodent to get used to his new home and to us. This not only benefits the animal, but also its guardian, because if the guinea pig is comfortable, it also becomes more confident.

And if you have not yet decided on a name for your furry, maybe this other article about Names for female and male guinea pigs can help you..

Other tips for your guinea pig to trust you

Although it is difficult, ¡give it time for the first few days and don't take it out! He is still afraid and has to get used to the new home and environment. The more acclimatization time you give them, the easier it will be to accept and recognize you. He needs to get used to your smell, your voice, your routine, and the sounds in the house. You can sit in front of the cage and talk to her in a calm and respectful voice. Once your new friend peeks out of the cage, you can offer vegetables through the open door of the cage. Surely you will not be able to deny the delicious offer. But beware: ¡you have to earn them little by little! Some guinea pigs are very quick to eat from your hand, but others take a little longer to trust. As soon as it eats from your hand you can let it out. To do this, leave the door open and wait patiently. ¡Give it the time it needs!

¿How to restrain a guinea pig?

It already eats from our hand, several days have passed and the guinea pig is not afraid. Knowing how to properly lift your guinea pig is especially important. After all, you don't want to scare the animal, but to get it to gain confidence and get used to you..

First, it is held around the chest with both hands and then it is supported with its four legs on one of your hands. It is best to carry the guinea pig with both hands in front of your chest so that it does not fall. Talk to her to calm down and try not to make quick movements. In any case, guinea pigs do not like to be cuddled or hugged, for them it is unnatural to carry them in their arms, therefore, avoid holding them for a long time and let them move freely..

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