Do guinea pigs bite?

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The little guinea pigs are very sweet and they touch us when they whistle when they see us. These little animals seem like the perfect company for us and our children. But surely sometimes you have asked yourself: ¿guinea pigs bite? We must respect our guinea pig friends and treat them with respect and affection. In this way, it is very rare that they want to bite us on purpose.

Guinea pigs naturally tend to run away and are easily startled, but they rarely seek confrontation. Sometimes when they get scared, it can happen that they bite like last resort of defense. Keep reading this AnimalWised article if you want to find out why guinea pigs bite and how to avoid it.

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  1. Do guinea pigs bite people?
  2. Do guinea pigs chew on cables or furniture?
  3. Different types of guinea pig bites
  4. How to prevent my guinea pig from biting?

Do guinea pigs bite people?

Guinea pigs are docile, non-aggressive and simply adorable animals. With enthusiasm and attention they greet their caregiver with their typical whistle. They recognize their guardians and love them. In stressful situations, guinea pigs lick their guardians' hands to calm down. By all this we mean that guinea pigs are very peaceful animals and that do not tend to bite or scratch to their guardians, as long as they are treated with affection and respect. However, each guinea pig has its own character and some can bite if they feel uncomfortable, for example when they are mishandled or when it comes to cutting their nails..

¿Why do guinea pigs bite?

If your guinea pig has bitten you, it may be for these reasons:

  • Because you still haven't gotten used to your new home- A young guinea pig that has just come home, is generally undomesticated and fidgets with every movement and noise. When we try to take it out or lift it, it is more likely to bite us because it is still not used to us. After a while, he will lose his fear and go on to become your best friend..
  • Because he got scaredAlthough you are already friends and love each other a lot, it is possible that sometimes the guinea pig is scared. As a natural and instinctive defense, it is normal to pinch your hand.
  • Because he has learned it: Another reason why a guinea pig becomes a biter is because little by little it has learned that it is worth doing. If handled inappropriately, our friend may start to bite us. The animal must feel safe with us, especially when we have it in hand. Treat the animal with respect, but firmly. If he notices that you are too shy when it comes to picking it up, he will feel insecure and will start to pinch your hand to keep it away or to get away.
  • Because she's sick: pain is another of the most common causes why guinea pigs bite. If, for example, it has contracted a skin disease, it becomes sensitive to the touch, and even after it is cured, it may remain distant because it associates the pain with being taken out and caressed..
  • Lust for sweetsGuinea pigs sometimes bite their guardians because their hands smell like food. If you just peeled a cucumber or carrot, it could happen that your guinea pig bites you to test how you taste. But it really isn't his fault, ¿true? Guinea pigs are nearsighted and are fooled by their smell.

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Do guinea pigs chew on wires or furniture?

Guinea pigs belong to the rodent family, so naturally they like to gnaw, chew and chew on things. Always watch your guinea pig when it is free at home, because it could be electrocuted by biting a wire. But they don't just chew on cables, they also like to gnaw on wood from furniture. They do not do it because they want to anger you, but because gnawing is a instinctive behavior. Cables, perhaps, remind them of tree branches.

If you observe that your guinea pig chews on the furniture, it is advisable that offer him an alternative to gnaw, for example, a suitable chew toy. Maybe you need to sharpen your teeth as they grow infinitely.

¿Why do guinea pigs bite the cage?

Although gnawing is a normal and instinctive behavior, biting the cage can mean other things. If your guinea pig suddenly bites the bars of the cage can indicate boredom and what do you want to go out or what she feels alone. Guinea pigs are very active animals and they need to run and play. For this, it is important that we give them a lot of space and freedom but also attention and affection..
Guinea pigs often start to bite the cage if they are stressed or in pain. Find out if your guinea pig is nervous, and if this is the case, make sure that the cage is in a quiet place and that there are no noises that cause stress. Note that sometimes biting the cage is a sign that the guinea pig is sick or in pain. In this case, consult a vet if it does not improve.

Different types of guinea pig bites

We know that guinea pigs only bite in special cases and never because they are aggressive. As long as we treat them well, they won't bite us. Let's see the different types of guinea pig bites:

  • To pinchPinching is a natural defense behavior of guinea pigs against each other, but they also do it with humans. It hurts us but in reality the guinea pig did not want to bite really or aggressively. Guinea pigs use this pinch to clean themselves and also to scold their companions in a friendly way. The behavior comes from when the mother teaches her babies to stop breastfeeding.
  • Nibble: then there is the bite. Now I really want to make a hole. When guinea pigs fight each other, they pull off clumps of hair or a patch of skin. Take a bite and then release to clarify the situation. This usually happens when a guinea pig is uncomfortable, has become frightened, or is not being treated disrespectfully. If a guinea pig bites it is usually a sign that they have caused pain, for example by combing it or roughly grabbing it. After biting, she often runs away and waits, but never becomes aggressive.
  • Engage: In very rare cases it can also happen that a guinea pig bites and gets hooked. This is a clear sign of antisocial behavior. If it is directed against the guardian, it means that he is in a state of deep fear.
  • Biting unintentionally: Of course, sometimes, it can happen that you bite unintentionally. Maybe he just wanted to take the cucumber candy you were offering him but he lost the objective.

How to prevent my guinea pig from biting?

Guinea pigs are peaceful animals and once they have become used to their new home, they will recognize their guardian as well. So that your guinea pig does not bite you it is very important treat her with respect and not stress or scare her. To do this, slowly approach her and speak in a low voice while you try to touch it. The first days of acclimatization are crucial to establishing confidence. Start sitting in front of the cage chatting with her in a gentle and calm voice. Later offer fresh vegetables. Let her come alone. This way it will get used to your hand. The most important thing is that you do not stress him by chasing him in the cage, because then he will be very likely to bite you when trying to catch him.

When the animal has accepted the hand in the cage, you can start gently stroking the head and the tip of the nose. Some guinea pigs like to be scratched behind the ears or under the chin. On the other hand, if you have to pick up your guinea pig, do it with care and safety, spooning your hand under her belly and holding her front legs.

¿How to react when my guinea pig bites me?

The moment the guinea pig bites you, you have to decide very quickly how you are going to react, because it will influence the guinea pig's learning. ¡Under no circumstances should you release the animal! It will learn that it can run away as soon as it bites you, so it will pinch you the next time. Also, you could hurt yourself when falling.

Although you have been scared and the bite has hurt you and even blood, try to calm down and stay still. Talk to your guinea pig and pet it. After a few minutes, put her back in the cage or in her house.

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