The 20 best dog breeds for kids

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Children love dogs and, therefore, it is not surprising that they ask to be with one. However, before adopting an animal, whatever it is, we must be very clear that they are not toys, They are living beings that feel and need to have a series of needs covered to be happy and healthy. This implies visits to the vet, acquiring quality food, going to the dog groomer if necessary, taking them for walks and runs, playing with them at home, providing them with a comfortable bed, educating them correctly, etc. Likewise, regardless of age, it is important to also educate the child so that he / she knows how to treat the animal.

In this AnimalWised article we will talk about the best dog breeds for children based on the character and personality of the infant. Keep reading, discover with us the best dogs for kids and remember: adopt responsibly and educate positively.

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  1. Beagle, an ideal dog for children in department
  2. Labrador retriever, recommended for hyperactive children
  3. Collie, the best watchdog for children
  4. Boxer, a dog who loves children
  5. Saint Bernard, one of the best dogs for young children
  6. German Shepherd, ideal for small and medium children
  7. Poodle or poodle, a dog for allergic children
  8. Golden retriever, a dog for children of all ages
  9. Greyhound, in all its versions
  10. Crossbreed dogs, the best dogs for children!
  11. Other dogs for kids

1. Beagle, an ideal dog for children in department

The Beagle is one of the best dogs for hyperactive children because it is equally active. In addition, its size makes it a perfect dog for a medium or small apartment or flat. To this race he loves to run and play non-stop, for which he greatly appreciates living with a boy or girl who can follow his rhythm and thus spend the same energy.

On the other hand, it is a very intelligent dog and considered "easy to train" because it internalizes commands very quickly, as long as education is based on positive reinforcement. And since it is so active, a good idea to promote both training and to help the dog and the child to channel energy is to visit agility circuits. ¡They will both come home exhausted!

2. Labrador retriever, recommended for hyperactive children

The farmer has a lot of energy, He is active, loves to play and is very affectionate with the kids. In addition, he stands out above others for having enormous patience and great nobility. For all this, this canine breed has earned a place in the list of the best dogs for small and medium children, who tend to be the most hyperactive.

On the other hand, it should be noted that he loves being with the family, so that not only is he an ideal dog to go running, but he also values ​​quiet time in the living room, all together. Likewise, as in the previous case, it is an intelligent and easy to train dog. Of course, you need to receive mental stimulation to stay balanced, such as intelligence games.

3. Collie, the best watchdog for children

If what you are looking for is a watchdog for children because the little one is rather calm, the collie is the breed you are looking for. Has a developed protective instinct that accentuates with the smallest ones at home, for this reason he tends to get along very well with children and to want to defend them at all costs.

Now, the same protective instinct that makes him one of the best watchdogs can also make him not tolerate the presence of strangers much, especially if they do not approach properly or the dog has not been properly socialized. Therefore, despite being one of the best dog breeds for children, it is essential to socialize it.

4. Boxer, a dog who loves children

Without a doubt, another of the ideal dogs for children. The Boxer is a very playful breed and loves children. In fact, it could be playing with them until the kids get tired. Although the playful personality is a very positive factor to take into account when selecting the best breed of dog for children, what really stands out about the Boxer is its protective instinct and vigilant, as it will not let anything or anyone approach children without prior notice. Protect your family above all.

On the other hand, the boxer stands out for its nobility and patience with children, which is why many people choose this dog..

5. Saint Bernard, one of the best dogs for young children

If you want to adopt a dog for babies or small children, then you must have different characteristics than those mentioned in the previous sections. For these cases, it is convenient to opt for calm, peaceful and very patient dogs, since young children tend to play tricks on their dogs. Although these tricks are without malicious intent, some dogs can get upset and hurt the child also without wanting to. For this reason, we highlight the Saint Bernard as one of the best dogs for very young children..

Despite its large size, it is not a gross dog, ¡On the contrary! We are facing one of the calmest dogs that exist, peaceful and good. It is docile and protective, which is why it is considered one of the best nanny dogs in the world

6. German Shepherd, ideal for small and medium children

The German Shepherd is one of the most versatile dog breeds that exists. It adapts to all kinds of situations, it is an excellent companion and, in addition, very obedient, intelligent, easy to train and protective. And if that were not enough, this dog loves children and is extremely affectionate with them, both with the little ones and the oldest. For this reason, it is a perfect dog for children of all ages.

In case of having a baby or a very young child, the German shepherd will tend to protect it, while if the child is older, the dog will want to play with him and both can have fun times of play and training.

7. Poodle or poodle, a dog for allergic children

There are four varieties of poodle depending on their size: the poodle or toy poodle, the dwarf, the medium and the standard or large. Since we are looking for the best dogs for children, we recommend opting for the largest varieties, especially if it is to live with young children. The smaller size types are recommended for older children, with a certain responsibility and conscience not to do them any type of harm.

In any case, the poodle is a hypoallergenic dog, so that it does not usually produce reactions in allergic people. Likewise, it is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world, easy to train and active. Due precisely to their intellectual capacity, they need to receive a lot of mental stimulation.

If you want to know more small dogs for children, do not miss this other article focused only on breeds of this size: "Small dogs ideal for children ".

8. Golden retriever, a dog for children of all ages

The golden retriever is one of the most appreciated dogs in the world for its abilities and, therefore, it also represents one of the best dog breeds for children. It is an intelligent dog that learns very fast, gentle, balanced, playful and patient. Of course, it is important to highlight that it is a dog that during its puppy stage is very lively, so it will need to learn to channel all its energy in a positive way for everyone. In this way, Play with children it's an excellent way.

9. Greyhound, in all its versions

Greyhounds are dogs very calm, noble and easy to care for. All they need to be happy is to have a family that loves them and allows them to enjoy time in the field to run freely. For this reason, they tend to be very patient dogs with children, who fit in with both moved and calm children. Of course, especially if they are small children, it is preferable not to let them handle the leash during walks, since in case of jerks, greyhounds have a lot of strength (except for the Italian greyhound for its size) and they can pull the little one.

10. Mixed-breed dogs, the best dogs for children!!

All the aforementioned dogs are good playmates for the little ones at home, but if when adopting a dog you want to transmit to your children such important values ​​as solidarity, equality or respect, choosing a mongrel dog is also a great option. In addition, mongrel dogs have the advantage of not having been subjected to an indiscriminate selection to obtain a specific standard, which leads to serious hereditary health problems.

On the other hand, in any of the cases, we advise opting for visit protectors, shelters and associations of animals in order to give an abandoned dog a second chance.

When choosing a mongrel dog, what you should take into account is its size, its character and the age of both the child and the dog. For very young children, it is preferable to opt for young dogs, capable of following their energetic rhythm, while for older and calm children, adult or elderly dogs are good options. The character of the dog must match that of the child so that they play and coexist in harmony.

Other dogs for kids

The above are the best dogs for children, but the truth is that there are other breeds that also fit with them. So, other dog breeds for children that we recommend are the following:

  • Bobtail
  • Cocker spaniel
  • Asutralian cobberdog
  • Spanish Mastiff
  • Border collie
  • Samoyed
  • Shih Tzu
  • Shiba Inu
  • Goldendoodle
  • Cockapoo

And if in addition to dogs for children you are looking for dogs for beginners because it is the first time that you live with this animal, do not miss this video.

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