The tender reaction of a dog when he peers into a box with newborn kittens

Dogs show us day by day his most tender side, and it is that they not only get euphoric when we get home, but they try to show us at every moment how important we are to them.

Despite the fact that the relationship between dogs and cats is classified as hard, we have seen many cases that they get away from that hoax. These animals are not only capable of having a relationship of friends during their coexistence, but also respect each other's space by creating a very healthy environment.

Today we were touched by a video in which a dog sees newborn kittens for the first time, and with the pertinent curiosity he is enthralled watching how the mother cleans the puppies.

We share the video with you because to us it has seemed the most tender, what do you think?

Source: Tkk1510

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