This baby's reaction to hearing for the first time is amazing

No one would say that the news that a baby hears is something special, but in this case it is. This little It has only seven months, and due to a health problem, has never been able to hear a sound. This is the reaction when, with the help of a hearing aid, you hear for the first time. It is exciting to watch how you react to a stimulus that you have never known before, and it is encouraging to know that you will be able to overcome your problem and lead a totally normal life..

Doctors and medicine in general have managed to change the lives of many babies, thanks to the early detection of certain conditions and the implementation of special devices, such as these hearing aids. Just as this baby listens at 7 months, many other children have also managed to listen by curbing their condition that prevents them from hearing.

Thanks to them, the life of these babies can be totally normal.

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