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If you have adopted a shiba inu and want to know everything about it, you have entered the right place. In AnimalWised we are going to offer you, this time, very useful tips and tricks during the shedding of your best friend's hair. As well as indications about the moment and some cares.

If you have a house full of hair or are worried that it is not happening normally, read this article and discover what it is like and what you should take into account at this time.

¡Keep reading this article about shiba inu hair shedding!

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  1. When is the shiba inu shedding?
  2. Adequate feeding during the molt
  3. Hair brushing

When is the shiba inu shedding?

Dogs often shed their hair twice a year: in spring and autumn. In this way, they adapt to the different temperatures that are about to approach, adopting a lighter coat or a thicker and woolly coat..

The shiba inu, like its close relatives such as the akita inu, have an undercoat layer that isolates them even more from the cold winter. They also have a thin layer of fat in their dermis that protects them. In order not to eliminate this natural layer we must be prudent and wash our dog when it is really dirty.

We can see significant changes in already hairy breeds, although in the case of the shiba inu it may be somewhat more discreet. However, we will realize when it is the change of hair since the shiba usually loses hair leaving our home and our clothes well decorated..

If the molt it is not happening at the appropriate time The ideal would be to go to the vet to rule out a possible illness or stress situation of the animal.

Adequate feeding during the molt

Each stage of the dog's life has specific needs. In this case, during the shedding of the shiba inu it will be important to consider that the animal is suffering wear and tear, so it will be important include a high-quality diet and supplements that have a direct impact on the mantle and its strength. It is important to always use natural food:

  • egg
  • fish
  • oil
  • vitamins

Incorporating these foods into your diet will be easy, it will be enough to offer eggs and fish (¡without thorns!) once a week or every 15 days with a drizzle of olive oil. You will see the results for yourself by seeing a shiny and silky coat on your shiba.

It will be equally important consult the vet trust the administration of vitamins or these same natural foods if you suspect that your dog might have allergies.

Hair brushing

Generally, you should brush your Shiba Inu dog two to three times a week. During the shedding of hair we advise you to increase the periodicity of brushing trying every day or two, comb your best friend. In this way we will eliminate dead hair and help you to better overcome this stage (and we will have less hair on the sofa).

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