The greatest tragedy in a bullring: 400 dead and 2000 injured

The greatest tragedy in a bullring took place on January 20, 1980 in Colombia, an event that resulted in a total of 400 deaths and 2,000 injured, and that we will remember again 40 years later due to its magnitude and the fact that it was a before and a later in the world of bullfighting especially in this country.

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40 years since the greatest tragedy occurred in a bullring

Once again, for another year, this celebration was repeated, which had been a tradition for a long time, where thousands of people gathered to enjoy an event especially oriented to the world of bullfighting..

For this day, the organizers had built a total of 32 boxes, which had been designed with the aim of hosting more than 40,000 people.

This structure was made of wood, and at first it could withstand the weight normally, but things were not going to go as expected, and in a few minutes, the place was going to become one of the most disastrous disasters. pronounced at the time, and even today, in the greatest tragedy in a bullring throughout the world.

The greatest tragedy in a bullring 400 dead and 2000 injured

Why did so many people die in the Colombian bullring disaster?

That January 20, 1980, the morning began like any other, but with the peculiarity that thousands of fans of the world of bullfighting were heading to the Bullring Hegémones Fulfilled, where they expected to enjoy a bullfight made up of a total of 40 bulls.

The traditional celebration began when, suddenly, it began to rain heavily, so that the public went to the wooden bleachers where they sought refuge until the situation normalized..

However, the weak steps made of wood contrasted with the excessive weight caused by the entrance of so many people at once, which caused part of the structure to collapse, causing everyone who was there to fall crashing to the ground..

It is estimated that there were about 70,000 people on the stands at the time of the collapse, which foreshadowed the catastrophe in advance but without anyone being able to avoid it because everything happened very quickly..

This caused a total of 400 people to die, some of them on the spot, while the majority died in the hours and even days afterwards due to the serious injuries caused in the accident..

In addition, 2000 people were injured during the tragic accident, some from the blow caused by the collapse, others from being crushed by the flight caused by panic, and also by the fact that there were 40 heavy bulls running through the place and attacking everyone they found in their path.

Without a doubt it is a black episode of bullfighting world, and that even today continues to haunt the attendees in memory who even saw people with wooden stakes piercing their body, an image that they have not managed to forget 40 years after the greatest tragedy in a bullring..

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