The importance of breast milk for the baby

Breast milk is the quintessential food that a mother can provide to her child through the chest or breast. Liquid that begins to be produced during the gestation months and is finally secreted after delivery. Now, Is it really important? Are there benefits? Is supplementation better than breast milk? Do not stop reading until the end to clarify these doubts. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast milk is able to provide you with endless nutrients and vitamins that the baby almost necessarily needs to grow and develop healthy. What's more, such breast milk that the mother secretes, it is like a fingerprint, unique and special for your baby. 

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    • How to take care of breast milk before breastfeeding the baby?

How long to feed breast milk to the baby? 

Although this will depend on some circumstances, both the mother and the child, it is recommended that breast milk is provided exclusively for the first 6 months of life, After this time, you can supplement with solid foods and continue feeding with breast milk until the age of 2 years or a little more. 

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Why is breast milk important? 

As we could already anticipate, the nutrients, proteins, minerals, antibodies and vitamins that are found in that white liquid, is essential and personalized for the baby of that mother who feeds it. Also, all that energy intake will be responsible for establishing the correct nutrition of the baby, as well as strengthening the immune system, essential to enjoy good physical health. 

And last but not least, breast milk it also increases the affective bond between a mother and the baby, since they are much more connected during the lactation and breastfeeding process due to the emotional bond that unites them. 

Benefits of breast milk for the baby

It is often taken for granted quality and effectiveness of breast milk for a baby, as it can be believed that it is only a liquid to feed; the reality is that it goes much further. 

One of the main benefits of breast milk is that it is easy to ingest, since the mother will be able to have her feeding at the time and place she wants by simply bringing or placing the baby on her chest. 

Likewise, all the breast milk that the infant ingests will help and influence growth optimal protection of your bones and body, as well as the shielding of your entire gastrointestinal tract. In addition, because they contain antibodies and immunological properties, babies will be protected from allergies and infections recurring during childhood. 

And not only that, below we will tell you what others benefits of great importance are present in breast milk: 

  • Laxative effect- easily digested, the little one will require more food for several hours a day, which will cause them to stimulate and process breast milk much faster. 
  • Natural changel: as the baby grows, breast milk also does so in order to meet the baby's needs at all times during its development. 
  • Disease isolator: a good diet with breast milk during the first months of life, strengthens all body systems, which will prevent diseases, allergies and infections, thanks to the protective cover provided by breast milk.  
  • Weight control: since breast milk is a personalized liquid for each baby, it is capable of providing only and exclusively what is needed for the nutrition of the little one, which guarantees a good diet without falling into weight imbalances or obesity. 
  • Acceptance of taste: in the changes of breast milk is also the taste, where the baby can experience different flavors that will allow him to adapt much better when he must be fed with solid foods. 
  • Formation of bones and teeth: the suction that the baby makes allows it to develop the muscles and bones of the jaw, as well as the entire orofacial structure; which later will also allow you to enjoy a correct language development. 
Breast milk benefits

What conditions must exist to be able to breastfeed with breast milk?

Although all mothers develop the ability to feed breast milk after giving birth, really there are some conditions that must be taken into account when deciding whether or not the baby can consume breast milk. For example: 

Mothers who have infections such as HIV, herpes lesions, diseases such as chicken pox after the duck, active tuberculosis, viruses such as H1N1 or cytomegalovirus; as well as mothers who ingest psychotropic substances or illicit drugs, are not in healthy or optimal conditions to provide exclusive breast milk feeding, so they should resort to supplementation with the proper supervision of a specialist. 

The same will happen in the opposite case, if the baby at birth presents some diseases or complicated health conditions such as phenylketonuria, galactosemia or other congenital problems that affect metabolism, you should not consume breast milk as an exclusive diet for their growth and development. 

How to take care of breast milk before breastfeeding the baby?

So that breast milk is truly a healthy liquid and has all the protein, nutritional, vitamin and mineral values ​​that the baby needs, prior care is necessary, not only before breastfeeding but at the beginning of the pregnancy stage. 

  • Alcoholic drinks: mothers should avoid its consumption completely, preferably when becoming pregnant, as otherwise this could affect the production of breast milk and affect the baby's motor development. 
  • Cigarettes or tobacco: greatly affects the respiratory system, not only of the baby but also of the mother.
  • Medication: the intake of pills or medications should be supervised during and after pregnancy, since some should not be consumed during the breastfeeding process because they are transmitted to the baby in this way.  

Without a doubt and over the years, this substance remains the excellent formula for effective nutrition of babies, thus achieved a healthy growth. However, there are mothers who, due to various factors, cannot and should not breastfeed their children. But if it is not your case, remember that Breast milk will make your baby more than happy!

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