Homeopathy to treat a sore throat, flu and cough

In recent months, information has appeared in different media about the homeopathy that have generated confusion and doubt among users. There are people who are in favor of homeopathy and others against.

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  • Cough is a defense mechanism of the body
  • In the cold season


  • Treatment of aphonia and sore throat with homeopathy
  • Treating flu and colds with homeopathy
  • Treatment of cough with homeopathy

Cough is a defense mechanism of the body

Our body has many levels of protection to prevent bacteria and viruses from invading our body.

Cough is a defense mechanism "Mechanical " that allows us to expel the microorganisms that enter through the respiratory tract and the mucus secreted by the bronchi to catch microorganisms and diseases such as bronchitis, rhinopharyngitis, or tracheitis.
Coughing can also be a reaction to irritation of the respiratory tract by the environment such as cold, pollution or tobacco smoke, cars or other pollutants.

Nothing is further from reality. Homeopathy is based on scientific data and is part of medicine in a complementary way. There have been numerous studies that rule out the option that it only works for those who think it will work. Studies support improvements in the health of patients in multiple cases and varied diseases. Fully measurable and demonstrable facts.

Homeopathy too stands out for its safety and non-aggressiveness in people in need of more careful treatment, such as pregnant women, the elderly and babies.

Many disorders and complicated diseases improve thanks to the help of homeopathic remedies, sometimes reaching where other therapies cannot reach..

In the cold season


Some ailments such as a sore throat, flu, colds or cough, are typical of the winter season, although not exclusive. With homeopathy we can treat them with a high degree of effectiveness.

What we present below are not medical prescriptions. We always recommend a visit to a homeopathic doctor to guarantee an optimal result.

Treatment of aphonia and sore throat with homeopathy

When the voice, from shouting or talking for a long time, the vocal cords can suffer. There is a disturbance in the speech process. If the voice is lost we talk about aphonia.

Hoarseness can also be caused by cold, tobacco, colds and colds or respiratory infections. People who use the voice as a work tool (singers, actors, commercials, teachers or presenters) have a greater propensity to suffer from aphonia.

The sore throat usually appears suddenly and tends to disappear in 2 days, but in certain cases it can last longer. In most cases the sore throat is viral in origin, often accompanied by coughing and irritation.

Elements such as smoking, poor diet, stress or fatigue make people more likely to have a sore throat.

Homeopathy can always be used as prevention or as treatment And it is complementary with any medication or therapy.

  • We will use Argentum nitricum for the aphonia typical of singers or announcers
  • We will use Kalium bichromicum when there is sore throat and mucus.
  • The remedy
  • Kalium sulfuricum if there is dry cough and nasal congestion.
  • Ferrum phosphoricum is recommended in cases of sore throat, and if it hurts a lot when swallowing.
  • Aconitum napelus if there is dry throat, pain, and cough.
  • Belladonna works in acute processes with inflammation and fever.

Treating flu and colds with homeopathy

The flu is an infectious disease that normally affects the respiratory tract. Sometimes it also causes some symptoms of gastroenteritis, such as diarrhea or nausea.

Initially, it resembles a cold and is usually accompanied by fever, weakness, joint or stomach pain, cough, and / or headache.

Many people don't want to get a flu shot, so homeopathy is an alternative that gives very good results without side effects.

Also colds can be treated with homeopathy, being prevention the best protection. The weak immune system tends to suffer more than one with high defenses, so before starting the season Occilococcinum or Anas barbarie is recommended..

  • Coryzalia quickly and effectively relieves nasal symptoms.
  • Aconitum napelus at the beginning of first symptoms: joint pain, chills.
  • Arsenicum alba is useful in the case of having general cold and little mucus, but irritating.
  • In situations of high fever Belladonna is very suitable.
  • Phosphorus is used when there is a fever and a feeling of hunger at the same time. It is recommended when there is tendency to suffer from pneumonia and pneumonia.

Treatment of cough with homeopathy

Homeopathy looks at the symptoms and in this way treats the causes. Although 80% of coughs originate from flu or colds, coughing is a symptom that can be caused by many causes. If there is any doubt about its origin, it is advisable to go immediately to a doctor or homeopathic specialist..

  • Before a sudden, choking cough, the remedy Aconitum napellus is indicated.
  • With dry or barking cough Belladonna is recommended.
  • Bryonia is recommended in case of dry, painful, and irritating cough, with pangs in the chest.
  • If when noticing a little cold I know activates cough or hoarseness, Hepar sulfuris works.
  • If there is a chest constriction and shortness of breath, due to a strong spastic cough, Coprum metallicum is recommended.

There are many possible treatment options and really they are adjusted according to the observed symptom and above all by the characteristics of each patient. Because it is not easy to treat yourself we insist on visit a specialist before taking homeopathic medicine. Faced with different symptoms, the same homeopathic medicine can be recommended and a simple cold can be cured with different remedies..

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  1. Rogelio León says

    09/14/2019 at 2:22 pm

    Excellent information. The recommendations are accurate, congratulations!!.
    Homeopathy has been misunderstood due to its limited diffusion, however it is very effective and very economical..

    • Angel Pitarque says

      09/15/2019 at 7:30 am

      Thanks Rogelio for appreciating our work

  2. Rodrigo says

    12/01/2019 at 1:51 pm

    I was wrong and apparently I have given a negative score. I apologize. The entire article is very well documented and indicative to be able to opt for several solutions. .

    • Natalia Usacheva says

      12/07/2019 at 7:46 am

      Thank you Rodrigo for your comment.

  3. Ramiro Jiménez says

    12/10/2019 at 2:08 pm

    Very interesting I would like to know more


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