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If you are reading this surely you have identified with the self-demand, With "having to do ", you may think you need to perform twice or force yourself to do more than you should. It is not surprising, then, that you notice some mental or emotional stress (what we call stress), even if the external situation that apparently caused it has disappeared (we would call it anxiety). And it may also be that this tension causes any physical, emotional or mental disorder.

It seems that it depends on us that we do not suffer with tension the situations that happen to us, that by making "adjustments " in our way of seeing things we can live the same circumstances with more relaxation. But no less true is that there are very complex situations and deep-rooted habits that don't change in two days. So we must seek outside help. Homeopathy can help you deal with symptoms of stress, so common today in our society.

Homeopathic medicines have already proven their effectiveness, helping to withstand or overcome daily stress, regardless of its origin.

Homeopathy has the great advantage of have no side effects, Quite the opposite happens with many drugs of allopathic medicine. This is based on suppressing the symptoms or pathophysiological processes of diseases and produces consequences such as a decrease in attention or drowsiness, which prevent driving or operating dangerous machinery, for example.

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  • Homeopathic remedies relieve stress and give serenity

Homeopathic remedies relieve stress and give serenity

Homeopathy works with a completely different view of illness. The treatment options are numerous since it is prescribed according to the symptom and the characteristics of the patient. So, it is not recommended self-treat, you should visit a specialist before starting homeopathic treatment.

We will name some of the most used homeopathic medicines to treat stress symptoms. The purpose of homeopathy is always bring the person towards balance of all your being. Mind, emotion and physical body must be aligned and harmonious. Considering this balance as the only possibility to reverse imbalances (mental, emotional or physical) or illnesses.

  • Argentum nitricum works for people who are continually stressed and they go hasty.
  • In front of feeling of near death or panic attacks the homeopathic remedy Aconitum Napellus works properly
  • Chamomilla is efficient when anxiety is expressed with Rage and later some of depression.
  • If the person is very strict and you need the rules the Cyclamen will be of great help. You will avoid headaches and dizziness.
  • In the mismatches emotional type for a recent reason, with variable humor and vulnerable to setbacks, Ignatia amara is usually recommended.
  • To decrease the tension or anxiety that has to do with a bad sleep, then Passiflora incarnata is advised.
  • If anxiety manifests with aggressiveness, intolerance, irritability and even a certain intransigence to the contradiction, it is good to use Nux vomica.
  • When the person wants to do everything at the same time and precipitously, Argentum nitricum can be your treatment.
  • In the case of severe migraines, tremors and heaviness in the eyes due to anxiety that causes a crippling fear, Gelsemium is an excellent remedy.
  • Yes there are spasmodic pains that are combined with anxiety, carbonic Magnesia is used to balance the body.
  • Nux moschata is provided in cases of de subject confusion with high affective sensitivity.
  • In front of certain dramatics and propensity to exaggerate things, Moschus helps to achieve harmony of the person.
  • When anxiety is accompanied by nervous tics and of great agitation Stramonium is suitable.

As we have commented, in a homeopathic treatment, the symptoms and at the same time the singularities of each individual are considered, even in the face of minor imbalances. For each particularity, what is called the background remedy is added together with the symptomatic medicine..

  • An individual who is undervalues, that has a tendency to depression, but that also explodes with uncontrolled rage, Aurum muriaticum.
  • Lycopodium: With a lack of trust habitual, hypersensitivity in emotions, feel less than others and at the same time excitability.
  • People who are anxious along with a constant doubt Y emotional sensitivity can be helped with Graphites.
  • In people jealous, with much mental activity, very talkative and at the same time susceptible, the Lachesis remedy is the one.
  • With discouragement and true psychic slowness in the character of someone anxious, the recommendation of the remedy complementary to the symptoms would be Calcarea carbonica.
  • Arsenicum alba for a person with a way of being obsessive, melancholic, very neat, with many demands.
  • Pulsatilla is very helpful to patients who easily change mood.
  • Lots of activity, with sometimes violent momentum Y tachycardia it helps with Iodum.
  • Who usually has a feeling of unfair treatment Staphysagria is recommended.
  • People with exaggerated emotions, with a tendency to feel evening anxiety and with a great activity, but what tires easily is accompanied with Phosphorus.
  • Yes there are anxiety Y depression together, the person is treated with Natrum muriaticum.
  • Thuya occidentalis for who has very rigid ideas, is very obsessive and has fear of disease.

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