A volcano eruption could destroy New Zealand's most populous city

The volcanoes are fascinating, they are both a destructive and creative force in nature. But, despite its destructive capacity, man has not hesitated to found cities near them, or even on top of them.. 

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  • A city on volcanoes

A city on volcanoes

Auckland, the most populous city in New Zealand, is located, hard to believe, sitting on a field of active volcanoes.  Although the last of the volcanoes erupted more than 600 years ago, It is not surprising that geologists and volcanologists are interested in understanding what could happen if any of these volcanoes erupted..

This is why the Auckland War Museum created a simulation that shows the view, from a window, of a volcano erupting in Auckland Harbor.  The realistic representation of the event puts us within the house that is engulfed by the ashes of the volcano within seconds of starting the eruption while everything trembles and roars around us. This video can be seen, in its entirety, in the Auckland Museum's Volcano Gallery.  

One piece of advice, wait until the darkness fades into the video. What you will see is indescribable.

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