The coexistence of the American Staffordshire with other dogs

Animal file: American Staffordshire terrier

If you are thinking of adopting another dog but you already have an American Staffordshire Terrier in your home, don't worry. In AnimalWised we will explain to you what the amstaff character with other dogs and what will depend on whether they have a good or bad relationship.

By following our advice and always being prudent, you can achieve a pleasant coexistence between two dogs regardless of the breed of each one..

Find out in this AnimalWised article all about the coexistence of the american staffordshire terrier with other dogs. Do not forget to comment and share your experiences so that other users can also enjoy having two dogs in the same home.

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  1. The character of the american staffordshire terrier
  2. The presentation of the american staffordshire and another dog
  3. Prepare for the arrival of the other dog
  4. Positive attitude within the home

The character of the american staffordshire terrier

The truth is that, despite its appearance and the use that was given to the breed in the past, we are not facing an aggressive dog absolutely. Although it is considered a PPP breed, the amstaff is a very good and sociable dog if we educate it from its tender puppy stage.

During the puppy's socialization, the dog understands and learns to interact with people and other pets, something essential so that in the future we can relate to other dogs and have a harmonious coexistence.

On the other hand, you should also know that it is a dog predisposed to training and learning commands so that we can have more ease when guiding it in a new situation. Find out what an amstaff education should be like.

The presentation of the american staffordshire and another dog

If we have by our side a well socialized dog, obedient and, in general, friendly with other dogs, we must prepare for introduce you to your new partner. Of course, this stage should take place gradually, never in a rush or in the wrong way..

If you are not sure you can do it yourself or are afraid of a possible negative reaction, you can consult a canine trainer. We will also take into account the character of the new dog.

Presentation must be given out of home so that our american staffordshire terrier does not feel his territory invaded and react negatively.

It will be essential to walk the two dogs together and observe their attitude towards the other. Sniffing each other's ass or trying to play around are very positive attitudes that indicate a possible understanding. On the other hand, grunting or an overly isolated attitude may suggest that they may not get along quite well..

We will practice walks together until we observe positive behavior and we can use treats, a basic of positive reinforcement, so that both dogs understand if they are doing well.

The next point will be to let them go (or use a long strap for greater security) and leave them some freedom to interact. If after a week or two you think you have forged a good friendship, it will be the ideal time for both of you to live together.

Normally in the case of want to adopt a puppy we will not have so many difficulties since adult dogs usually accept the little ones adequately.

Prepare for the arrival of the other dog

Before bringing the new dog home, it will be essential to locate its objects in it: two beds, two feeders and various toys. Everything they need individually so that there can be no jealousy between them.

Positive attitude within the home

Finally, we advise you to be patient with both the first days and always reward the attitudes that you consider positive of both dogs. Avoid fighting or treating both dogs unequally. If during this process you have difficulties or the behavior of both pets is excessively complicated, go to a professional ethologist.

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