Is raw meat good for dogs?

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Many of us may not remember it because we may not have experienced it, but dog food has not always existed, ¿how then could they survive and feed properly? Without a doubt they had no choice but to follow a homemade food.

Many people begin to bet on natural recipes, hence the great boom of the BARF diet for dogs, which defends part of what we are going to expose below. ¿You keep wondering if raw meat is good for dogs? Clear all your doubts with this Animal Expert article.

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  1. Raw or cooked meat?
  2. The proportion of meat in the dog's diet
  3. What kind of raw meat is suitable for a dog to eat?
  4. How to give raw meat to the dog?

Raw or cooked meat?

In the world of canine nutrition we can find countless studies and opinions. Some reject raw food due to the possible presence of parasites and pathogens, while others reject cooking due to the loss of enzymes, natural probiotics and vitamins. ¿What is true in all this? ¿Which is the best option?

The domestication process that the dog has undergone has changed some aspects of its digestive physiology, as well as other structures, hence at this point in history the differences between dogs and wolves, close relatives, are so obvious.

However, the domestication of the dog has not changed the essence of it or the essence of its diet, a carnivorous diet in which the dog would consume raw meat without any problem, and preferably, as long as it was found in a wild state. Raw meat is good for the dog because it adapts perfectly to its organism:

  • The teeth have enough force to be able to tear the meat.
  • The stomach is small and muscular, it is prepared for the digestion of it.
  • The intestine is short which prevents rotting of the meat during digestion.
  • The digestive juices of the dog as well as its saliva are perfect to assimilate the meat protein.

The dog's digestive system is prepared to digest without problems meat, preferably raw, which is how you would consume it in the natural environment. We should also point out that some legends, such as "raw meat makes a more aggressive dog " is totally false..

However, as we mentioned at the beginning, there are possible parasites and pathogens that can be found in raw meat, so it will be essential to look for foods that certify their quality. Likewise, to fully ensure that our dog cannot contract infections by salmonella, E.coli, or trichinosis, for example, we can freeze the meat or lightly grill it before offering it. It is up to the owner to offer it completely raw, for a better nutritional contribution, or lightly cooked, to avoid health problems. It is a personal choice.

Finally, point out that, in the end, it will be the same dog who will choose to eat one product or another. While some dogs lick their lips when they see a piece of raw meat, others will reject it with an obvious face of disgust, something that usually happens in small breeds, in elderly dogs, or in those that have not been used since puppies.

The proportion of meat in the dog's diet

Although the dog should not eat only meat, the truth is that it should be the food with the highest presence in your diet. As we mentioned in the previous section, the dog has a small stomach, therefore the portions should not be large and should be repeated two to three times a day..

In the dog's diet the proportion of meat should be around 75% of the total ration, and contrary to popular belief, the viscera are not good as they are generally highly intoxicated. For example, all the drugs that are given to a cow are metabolized in her liver, which causes this organ to accumulate residues that are not beneficial for the dog..

What kind of raw meat is suitable for a dog to eat?

It is convenient to offer our dog leftover lean meat, preferably sheep, goat or beef, however, when we talk about small dogs, the most recommended meat is rabbit and poultry.

We know that giving a dog raw meat daily can have a significant economic impact on some families, but we have talked about lean meat leftovers, they are ideal, the dog does not need more and they are very affordable at butchers.

How to give raw meat to the dog?

Always it will be preferable that the meat is fresh, However, it is not essential, we can bet on frozen meat, a much cheaper option. However, if we opt for this method, we must be forewarned and allow the meat to defrost completely and room temperature, otherwise, its properties would be affected.

It is not necessary to shred or mince the meat, only chop it up, remember that your dog is prepared to eat it like this. If you want to improve your dog's health, feel free to experiment with a diet based primarily on raw meat.

Remember also that dogs digest raw meat and bones without problems, however, they are not able to assimilate the nutrients of vegetables that have not undergone a cooking or pre-digestion process..

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