The face a baby makes when his father tries to explain the mysteries of life to him!

This is probably one of the funniest videos you'll see these days, and it's not uncommon for it to have caused a sensation..

A father explains to his baby, in an accelerated way, the process by which he was created from cells and grew inside his mother until he became a human being capable of thinking.

Obviously, the little one does not understand anything they are told, but the face he puts on is that he is suffering an authentic existential crisis, so the video becomes hilarious. His funny reaction has already captivated thousands of people and no one who sees him can suppress a laugh.

In your effort to understand, babies can make really funny expressions, and you will surely be the first to laugh when you see their confused face in a few years, when you better understand the fascinating story your father is telling you. And your children, what faces do they make when you explain these kinds of things to them? Surely one is just as fun.

Source: Shots of Awe

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