The face of this baby when her father sings to her will make you sigh with love all day long

There is nothing greater in the world than the love that can be felt for a child. Nothing more immense and pure. It is indisputable.

This video has plenty of adjectives, just by watching it perfectly describes everything said in previous lines.

In it, we see a father singing the song to him "You are so beautiful to me " by Joe Cocker, with a tenderness that makes the hair stand on end.

But the most beautiful thing, if possible, is the reaction of the little girl. He will not be more than 3 months old but he recognizes his father's voice and face perfectly. And when he begins to sing to him while stroking his face, he draw a smile on your face that will make you sigh in love, definitely.

A video to start the day and end the week with a good taste in your mouth.

Hit "play " and enjoy it.

Source: Mahmoud Sami

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