The nice reaction of two dogs when they are released from their chains

We have shown on more than one occasion that dogs need, above all things, a little love and respect by their humans. The rest of the conditions may not matter to them, but they are very social and affectionate beings to whom loneliness and indifference affect them.

However, as you well know, no animal deserves to live shut up, to have a minimal space where you can run and function like any free being it is essential for you to develop all your skills naturally.

The expression of dogs changes radically when they are limited by chains that leave them a small space to develop. They cannot run, nor browse the area, something innate in your own nature.

Many people are forced to keep their dogs like this to protect them. And it is that a loose dog is easy to get lost, to get scared and run over, or even to get pregnant by interacting with other dogs. Taking the appropriate measures, such as fencing the perimeter of the house, or sterilizing the dogs is something that the world can not afford.

This is where ‘Coalition to Unchain Dogs ‘ - Coalition to unchain dogs - who help many people to create a suitable space for dogs to live happily and safely. They do an unbeatable job and all to get the best reward: the reaction of our furry friends when they feel free..

Many of their works are shared on YouTube, and we have been excited to see the case of Mama and Oreo, who have received a nice gift for Thanksgiving. Do not miss it because it is worth it!

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