The feeding of the clown fish

Animal file: Clown fish

The clownfish is a common and very popular specimen in aquariums around the world. Is a tropical water fish and requires a large aquarium of at least 150 liters. However, this type of fish is relatively easy to keep, as long as the minimum requirements for salinity, pH, temperature, lighting and habitat are met..

In this AnimalWised post you will be able to adequately inform yourself about feeding the clown fish. The food that you offer your clownfish must be of quality so that your specimen remains beautiful and long-lived.. ¡Read on and find out everything!

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  1. The anemone and the clown fish
  2. Feeding in the anemone
  3. Clown fish care
  4. What does the clown fish eat?
  5. Companions of the clownfish

The anemone and the clown fish

You should know that anemones are vital so that the clownfish enjoy a favorable habitat. There is a symbiosis between both species that favors their existence. Therefore, you will have one anemone for each clownfish specimen. These fish are very territorial and will fight each other if they do not have an anemone for each specimen..

There are many varieties of clownfish, and it is convenient to have the most suitable type of anemone, specific for each variety of clownfish. In the place where you adopt the fish, they should inform you adequately about this circumstance and provide you with the compatible fish and anemone.

Feeding in the anemone

The anemone, aside from protect your tenant from other larger fish coexisting in the aquarium, provides it with food. The clownfish feed on the food waste and parasites of the anemone. For this reason, it is a symbiotic coexistence that exists between both animal species..

Aside from their usefulness as companions to clownfish, anemones add indescribable beauty to aquariums. Anemones require very clean water and specific lighting.

Clownfish care

One of the main clown fish care is to provide a suitable habitat, which must have salt water and plenty of space. The usual thing is to have a couple of clown fish per aquarium, if it has a capacity of 150 liters. Each incorporated clownfish will require 75 liters of extra water.

The reason for requiring so much space is due to the predatory habits of clownfish, since it is an omnivorous fish. For this reason, the clownfish will be fed distributing the food over the entire surface of the aquarium and without stopping the water currents. This will make the clownfish chase its food, preserving its predatory character..

What does the clown fish eat?

Clownfish require a rich diet composed of foods of animal origin and a small proportion of plant matter. It is therefore an omnivorous animal. Sometimes live food shall be provided the clown fish. In this way the predatory instinct of the clownfish will be fulfilled..

The clown fish feeding must have:

  • Cooked mussels
  • White fish
  • Squid
  • Peeled prawns
  • Cockles
  • Octopus
  • Chicken livers
  • Small crustaceans

They must also provide you I think I live like worms and brine shrimp. They can also give them premium quality dry feed. As a vegetable food it can be given chard and cooked spinach. It is especially important to offer adequate and quality food at the time of feeding. clown fish reproduction.

Companions of the clownfish

The clownfish can be accompanied by some related species and there are a lot of tropical fish that we can have in an aquarium. The shrimp of the Periclimines species is an extraordinary company for both clownfish and anemones, as it feeds on the residues of both.

This tiny prawn provides a precious point of color to the aquarium. The Blue Damsel and the Yellow-tailed Damsel are specimens of fish compatible with clownfish..

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