The feeding of the lion

The lion diet is very simple, basically, they eat any animal that they can hunt. However, the kings of the jungle when it comes to food, are more complex than they seem. They follow a kind of rules, they have their favorite dishes, and the whole process of catching the prey seems to have a whole strategy behind it..

Lions being natural predators, They are an important link in the food chain of the animal world. These creatures deserve and should be in their natural habitat, not in captivity. Nature is the only place where they can express their wildest side and thus fulfill their role within the cycle of life..

If you are a fan of this majestic feline, you want to know that he likes to eat and also know his way of hunting, continue reading this AnimalWised article, where we will tell you all about feeding the lion.

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  1. The lion, a potential predator
  2. The plan of attack
  3. What do lions eat?

The lion, a potential predator

The lion's jaws are extremely strong. Their skull, which is built on the basis of them, has large spaces or surfaces, so that they can fit perfectly and perform the action of opening and closing their mouth in a comfortable and powerful way..

Their canine teeth are like curved stalactites (long and sharp). Premolars are made to remove pieces of meat, which then go to the stomach practically without being chewed, because lions have very primitive molars.

The lion's lunge is bite on the neck and hold several times, until they manage to suffocate the animal. This happens with large animals, which have more strength and put up greater resistance..

The plan of attack

Lions are said to be somewhat clumsy physically as they are not as fast and agile as they appear. On the contrary, they are all strategists when it comes to finding food. Unlike other felines in the animal kingdom, lions they hunt in a group not alone, where everyone has their role and knows what position to take within the territory.

Although in documentaries, most of the time, we see a lion just hunting some prey, hidden behind him, surely some of his henchmen will be found. The females, usually the hunters, they prefer to do it at night, in exposed lands but with dense vegetation, this, to be able to hide and then run when they consider it appropriate.

Lions are adept at creating hunting logistics. First, they form a fan to surround the prey and reduce its chances of escape. Second, they know that they are not as fast as a gazelle, so they sneak up on them, until they reach a point of closeness where they can jump and surprise the other animal. Their known mysterious attitude is due to how calculating they can be during the hunt..

What do lions eat?

Although lions prefer to hunt animals that weigh between 50 and 500 kg, take any opportunity to eat everything that comes its way, including birds, rodents, reptiles and hares. His motto "when hunger strikes it's time to strike.

His favorite animals are medium-sized mammals like zebras, buffalo, antelope, gazelle and wild boar. Even fearsome hyenas can fall prey to lions. A lion can eat more than 20 kg of meat in a single hunt and kill between 10 and 15 animals a year, supplementing its diet with carrion and leftovers from other animals. Nothing is wasted in nature.

It is highly unlikely that a lion will catch an animal much larger than itself such as an elephant or a large rhinoceros. He knows perfectly well that he represents a threat to his own safety, where he could be seriously injured.

A nap after lunch

The lions are there all day or hunting or sleeping. Although they digest food very quickly and manage to go 4 days without drinking water, they are usually very lazy. These cats can sleep up to 20 hours or spend the day lying down. They really like to rest on tree trunks.

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