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As with people, dogs are susceptible to accumulating energy in the body. If we do not help them to channel it correctly, it can generate nervousness, anxiety and hyperactivity. In the most serious cases, we may even notice behavioral problems that affect your day-to-day life..

¿What can we do to remedy this situation?? ¿How can we calm our dog? In this AnimalWised article we offer you a total of 7 toys for hyperactive dogs very varied but with something in common: they have the ability to improve the well-being of our best friend and enhance their intelligence.

¿Do you want to know what they are and how they work? Below we will detail each of them with you. ¡Do not forget to comment and share your experience!

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  1. Kong classic
  2. Goodie bone
  3. Dogworker
  4. Nylabone bone
  5. Treat maze ufo
  6. Kong flyer
  7. Ball Launcher

1. Kong classic

The kong classic is undoubtedly one of the most popular toys for hyperactive dogs. In addition to helping to treat separation anxiety and improve relaxation of the animal, this toy will help them mentally stimulate. It is the toy most recommended by professionals in the sector.

Using it is very simple: we will only need fill it with any type of food, be it pate for dogs, wet food, croquettes or Kong's own easy treat, and offer it to our dog. He will spend a long time taking out the food, which gives him relaxation and a pleasant sensation when he achieves his goal..

The kong classic can be purchased in different sizes as well as in different levels of hardness. We must choose the one that best suits the size of our dog, and in case of doubt, ask the veterinarian or the person in charge of the trade.

Do not forget that the kong classic is one of the safest toys on the market. If we choose the size correctly there is no danger that it could swallow it, and if it did, its two holes would allow it to continue breathing.

2. Goodie Bone

This toy, also from the Kong brand, works in a very similar way to the classic kong. It has two holes on both sides that allow us fill food toy tasty that the dog must extract, using logic and having fun at the same time.

It is perfect for dogs that love bones and that in turn require a resistant and safe toy, which we can leave them even when they are alone at home. Do not forget that it is essential to buy the Goodie Bone with the appropriate size and hardness of the product, as in the previous case.

3. Dogworker

The dogworker is one of the toys for hyperactive dogs that can best promote natural development of your intelligence. It is a large-size toy, in which we are going to hide prizes and assorted treats in the indicated places. The dog, by smelling and moving the moving chips, will get the prizes one by one.

In addition to stimulating his mind, the dog will relax by concentrating on the game, which will provide him with a long time of fun and curiosity. Do not forget that the first days you will have to help him a little to discover how it works.

4. Nylabone bone

This Nylabone brand bone belongs to the Dura Chew line, which means "durable chewing ", as it is a very resistant and durable toy. extremely long life. It is especially indicated for dogs with a strong bite that need to release stress and anxiety.

In addition to being recommended for destructive dogs, the edible nylon of which it is composed, helps to clean teeth Well, it melts into tiny little balls. It is a long-lasting toy that will help us especially when we are away from home. Nylabone bone can be purchased with different flavors and textures.

5. Treat maze ufo

Although its form is similar to that of the dogworker, the treat maze ufo it works differently. First we have to add treats or snacks for dogs in its upper slot. Once inside, the dog must interact with the toy, in this way the treats will advance through a small interior maze and come out through the different slots.

We will probably have to help him the first few days, however, once he gets into the rhythm of the toy and its operation, it will be an enriching experience for our best friend, who will greatly enjoy receiving rewards for his work. This toy is definitely excellent for promoting attention of the most active dogs and help them relax at home.

6. Kong flyer

Unlike previous Kong brand toys such as the classic kong or the goodie bone, the kong flyer It should not be used in order for our dog to chew it. It is a toy indicated for dogs that enjoy fetching toys and exercising at the same time. The kong flyer is very safe and also does not damage the teeth or gums.

However, we must beware, We must not forget that although this toy helps them release stress, it can also generate anxiety. It is highly recommended that after exercising we offer him a relaxation toy (such as the kong classic) thus ending the day in a calm and positive way, away from hyperactivity.

7. Ball launcher

If your dog is a balls enthusiast, this tool is for you. The ball launcher is perfect for throw the ball to a great distance, In addition, it prevents us from getting dirty or having to bend over constantly. Of course, when choosing the appropriate ball, do not forget to discard tennis balls as they have a very negative sandpaper effect on your teeth..

With this toy you should also beware, As with the kong flyer, the ball thrower is beneficial in helping to channel stress, but in excess it causes anxiety. After doing this physical activity with your dog, don't forget to offer him a relaxing toy such as the nylabone bone to calm him down and encourage him to end the day very relaxed..

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