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  • Walkie talkies
  • ATAA Booster
  • Dreamon beauty kit
  • Magic board
  • Toy house
  • Spiderman costume
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We give you a few ideas, with toys for children from 3 to 5 years old.

Scooter with LED wheels

Scooter with 4 PU wheels, two on the front and two on the rear brake, which are equipped with colored LEDs that flash when the scooter is moving. The little ones will love the light, especially at night. This is a gift of ten for you to enjoy at top speed.

Quick release to lock with a secure folding mechanism

For the most exploratory children

Explorer pack

24-in-1 Exploration Game- If you are looking for the perfect gift for that child who loves to play outside and explore nature, this is the perfect set for him! One set with binoculars, binocular, LED flashlight, compass, whistle, compact bug catcher, magnifying glass, butterfly net, large drawstring backpack and fake insects.

A fun game for boys and girls from 3 to 10 years old, with which they will surely have fun investigating the possibilities of the objects in the pack. And it will make them feel like great explorers or scientists.

Walkie talkies

Walkie talkie

With 8 channels and 99 sub-audio, you can quickly scan unused channels for your own use. With wireless signal guarantees children a communication of 3KM.

The walkies have the function of anti interference and automatic noise reduction, ensuring clear sound even in noisy environments.

This gift is a classic for those children who dream of being detectives and want to fight crime. In addition, they allow us to share a game with them without exposing ourselves to great physical effort..

ATAA Booster

Electric car

Electric car for boys and girls with Remote Control r / c Pink.

Main features of the Booster children's electric car: -Suspension -Lights in front and rear headlights -Music and horn on the steering wheel. -6 volt battery and 15w power rear motor. -The car can be driven by the child manually or by the parents with the remote control with 2.4G Bluetooth technology, without interference with other vehicles. -Recommended age: up to 4 years (indicative) -Easy assembly with instructions in Spanish. -Start button with sounds simulating the start of a real car. -Front and reverse gear with progressive output (slowed down) -Seat belt

This car will make the little ones feel like adults, which is one of the things they want most in the world. Children will be happy to copy mom and dad in command of a car.

Dreamon beauty kit

Beauty set

Dreamon Beauty and hairdressing briefcase Jewelry Toy Set with Accessories for Girls 3 Years.

  • The kit is completed with accessories made to measure for children's hands.
  • Bag with mirror, comb, bracelets and many accessories.
  • Creative game with a simple and attractive design.
  • Briefcase size: 24 * 18 * 8.5cm, plastic.
  • Ideal gift for boys and girls from 3 years.

With this gift, girls will feel like little princesses and will have a great time painting themselves and their parents. A classic that never fails.

Magic board

Magic board

Peradix Children's Magnetic Blackboard with 3 stamps and a magic pen. For Children, with erasable writing and drawing pad, it has a size of 43 x 35CM. Together with them, you will surely enjoy painting little things.

This is an ideal gift for those children with the soul of artists, so that they never tire of drawing and creating new works of art that they can easily share with the family without taking up as much space as colored pencils and papers..

Toy house

Wooden dollhouse with furniture and accessories included, 3 floors, for 30 cm dolls, Color Natural / Pink / Violet (65092)

Spiderman costume

Spiderman Costume

The Avengers Iron Spider Official Costume, Classic Spiderman, for a boy, Small Size, Age 3-4, Height 117 cm

What more does a child want than to have superpowers? There is no reason superheroes are so successful with each other. With this costume, they will really look like Spiderman and will even feel the adrenaline of hanging on the walls like the real thing.

Every day we will put one more article so that you can choose many gifts for your little ones.

"> Third part >>

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